Written by Eddie Ferranti

032KPFT is a listener-sponsored community radio station in Houston, Texas that supports the best music out there these days to us.  Independent hard working musicians who get a voice because of this station.  Last April they had their birthday party at the Heights Theater.  One of the acts on the bill was an old friend out on her own with a new band, Lisa Morales, of Sisters Morales fame. Been a long time follower of Sisters Morales who dominated the H-Town music scene in the 90’s with their rock ‘n salsa hotness.  What a great way to see a follow-up intimate show then on her birthday at McGonigels Mucky Duck.  This rendition Lisa has created mixes some of both, but the girl has stepped back and amped it up!  Big time.
The four piece band consists of Mike Koenning on drums, Roscoe Beck thumping bass, and the mad man Paul Ramirez on electrifying guitar. Lisa has always been a good draw at this cool venue and tonight was no different with SRO crowd. Even her kids were there. LM may be a little lady, put her pipes are as strong as ever like on opener, “Veinte Minutos”, in both Spanish and English.  Followed by “Luna Negra” the first two songs set the table for a night of dreamy piercing psycho guitar slaying by Ramirez.  This cat is the reason Lisa can step back and let him shred in a very low key presentation of her lovely tunes.  Plus he gives great “guitar face” complete with gum chewing!  Lisa speaks so dearly of her mother who was ahead of her time and a very good influence on women. The night had many mentions of her and her grandma, too. Tunes just rolled like “Should I Fall”, “I Want the Roses”, “Fool That I Am”, and “Mal Hombre”.
069The evening was going so well and then they played a back-to-back duo of “Frozen Tangerines” / “Guitar Gently Weeps” that just rocked the joint!  Yikes is all that came out of my mouth after that. Talk about a flowing with no let up type of show.  A gig like this made us realize how long we have seen this woman on many different stages.  Best one, which were many, was when we surprised Sisters Morales north of San Francisco at a cool little pub in the mountains.  The double take Lisa and Roberta gave us when they passed us at the bar was priceless. Lisa tugged at our hearts a couple more times with a song I think was “Don’t Let in the Drama”, which the late Jimmy LaFave sang on.  Ushered us out the door with tender “I Am the Weakest”. To say we were impressed with this outfit would be putting it mildly.  They were added to the must-do list next time they are near!  God bless a sweet lady friend whom you should check out next time she plays your area.  You will dig it……..Support live music!