Written by James Killen

115The Lankford brothers and Caleb (AKA Folk Family Revival) showed up Friday night at McGonigel’s Mucky Duck for the 9:30 show. They’ve been honing their act around Houston over the last few years to a fine sharp edge. This evening the band was trying out many of their newer songs that are soon to appear on their upcoming album interspersed with some of their old standards.

The show started with some random notes that gradually gelled into “Shade from the Storm” on the back of a harmonica and guitar melody. Caleb Pace turned on the Telecaster tears for “Thumb in the Wind”, before the band slid into a cover of Jimmy Pizzatola’s “Fresh Water” with a cool guitar tape loop.

After “Hecla Hill”, Pace went Robby Krieger on us for “Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road”, a number most definitely reminiscent of The Doors. He was back to that country Telecaster sound with an electronic bow to make the strings ring for “Trash”. Mason blew some lonesome harmonica for the West Texas love gone wrong number, “Marfa”, before laying into one of their older numbers, “Unfolding”.

077Caleb strapped on a banjo for “Darlin’” and was cajoled by the audience to stick with it for “Everyone Loves Everyone”, but it was back to the Telecaster for “I Drew a Line”. Mason sang “Addicted to the Road” before passing the microphone to Barret for “Here Comes the Night” and “Pro and Con- Moses” closing out the regular set while Pace pushed the guitar treatments for a hard rocking finale. There were plenty of suggestions by the crowd for the encore (I must admit that I was hoping for that cover of “Roadhouse Blues“ that they do). The band chose and delivered a rocking performance of “Chasing After a Rabbit”.

Folk Family Revival serves up a rocking Americana fare that has yet to disappoint me. These young men have created some original compositions with a reverence for the classic rock stylings of The Doors and The Band, amongst others. Keep an eye on these guys and catch them in the small venues while you can. The stages are just going to get bigger for them.