Hello to all HMR  readers and supporters. Take a look at who’s coming to the Scout Bar on January 31. If catching a live performance by guitar extraordinaire Marty Friedman doesn’t get your new year rockin’ then I don’t know what will. Check out more below and come on down to the Scout Bar for one killer evening of guitar wizardry…

Checking in about guitar extraordinaire MARTY FRIEDMAN, whose 14th solo album, ONE BAD M.F. Live!!, was released October 19, 2018 on Prosthetic Records. It’s an all-out celebration of his music in its rawest form with his band:  Kiyoshi (bass), Jordan Ziff (guitar), Chargeeee (drums). Recorded live during his 2018 “Wall of Sound” tour on its final show in Mexico City at Centro Cultural on April 14, 2018, ONE BAD M.F. Live!! is chock full of his own brand of “feelgood aggression.” He’s now hitting the road for a worldwide headlining tour.

This live album is a tip of the hat to the live albums that blew my mind when I was a kid,” explains MARTY FRIEDMAN, “the musical content itself is modern and atomic-powered, but the presentation is decidedly old school. The pacing of the show, the audience participation stuff, the special live arrangements of the songs, these are the things that got me all jacked up as a kid.  I like to give the audience the feeling that they are really getting something unique, something that only happens at THEIR show, not just a recital of the songs exactly as they know them. There are lots of happy accidents, once in a lifetime ad libs, things that could have only happened because we were high on that particular audience`s energy.”

ONE BAD M.F. Live!! is the follow-up to WALL OF SOUND,  which was released August 4, 2017 on Prosthetic Records, and debuted on Billboard’s “Heatseekers” chart at #12. “I`ve had albums that have charted higher, sold more, and got more attention over my career, “says FRIEDMAN, “but WALL OF SOUND is the album I`ve been striving to make ever since I picked up a guitar. I have an almost unhealthy amount of pride towards that album. The thrill I get from playing the WALL OF SOUND stuff live is something that I wanted documented, and that`s what ONE BAD M.F. Live! is.”

Vintage Guitar magazine called ONE BAD M.F. Live!! “…a blistering metal assault packed with aggression, clear production, and melodic flair, that has long separated Friedman from the mouth-breathing pack. It’s a joyful album undercut with heavy compositions and enviable performances.”

Fluent in Japanese, FRIEDMAN`s overwhelming love of Japanese music and the Japanese language found him moving to Tokyo in 2003. It is there where his career took off in very unexpected ways. His appearance as the star of a new TV comedy, “Hebimeta-san” (“Mr. Heavy Metal”) and its spinoff, “Rock Fujiyama,” which ran for six seasons, propelled him into the living rooms of Japan`s mainstream. Currently he is a constant fixture on Japanese television (appearing on hundreds of network programs of all types, and as the face of long running campaigns for Fanta/Coca Cola, Sumitomo Bank, Suntory etc.), as well as appearing in major motion pictures. He is also the author of two hardcover books in Japanese detailing his unusual views on the current Japanese music scene, as well as two best-selling manga-related books, which are both in their eighth editions now.

In 2017, the Japanese Government appointed MARTY FRIEDMAN as an Ambassador of Japan Heritage, for a term of three years through the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Along with J-pop icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, baseball legend Hideki Matsui, and four others, he’s the first foreigner ever to receive this title. He performed the Opening Ceremony at the Tokyo Marathon in both 2017 and 2018, again the first foreigner to do so. His most recent collaboration with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra is the government sponsored Japan Heritage Theme Song he released in 2018. In 2018, Young Guitar Magazine honored him with a 175-page special edition devoted only to FRIEDMAN and his inimitable playing style.

Not one to slow down and take any breaks, FRIEDMAN is also currently in the fourth year of filming a documentary, and his biography is set to be published soon.

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