Written by James Killen

George Ensle has just released his latest CD, “Home”, recorded with Berkalin Records. George is a Texas singer songwriter writing from the same tradition that Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and Stephen Fromholz wrote from. George recorded his first record in 1978 and has stayed true to the traditional country/ folk roots. “Home” can claim contributions of musicians like Warren Hood, Stephen Doster, John Inmon and Christine Albert.

George’s down home country philosophy comes through on many of the tunes on this disc, a simple wisdom mellowed with age and set to the music of a guitar that rings clear as a bell. “Black Sheep” pays homage to those souls that live the life of a friend in need, while “Gloves” tells of having a work ethic passed down by one’s father. “Ode to Jake” tells a story of a young man that strays, a grown man that hesitates to help and an unlikely hero. “All I Need” talks of the unexpected ways that prayers are answered while “Psalm” gives thanks to the Creator.

“Home” has its love songs as well. The title track speaks of two young folks that have learned hard life lessons and find each other as they head for home. “Old Love” speaks of love that ages well while “Old Windmill Waltz” tells the story of just such a love.

If your idea of country music is loud guitar solos and songs about sex and booze, you might need to pass this one on by. If you are looking for some fine songs about life as a real living and loving person delivered with a Texas accent, then “Home” would be a fine addition to your collection.