Big As Texas Music & Food Festival
There is absolutely no question where I will be Friday, May 10th, Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th. I have already started counting the days until the festival begins.
The line-up is very special, not just one of the days, but all three.
Certainly, the organizers have assembled three really cool headliners in Thomas Rhett (5/10), Billy Strings (5/11) and Dierks Bentley (5/12) but that doesn’t come close to telling the real story of this three-day musical extravaganza.
You have to go to the Big As Texas website ( and look at the supporting cast before you really begin to learn why I CAN’T WAIT until Mother’s Day Weekend at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds.
When you add performers like Dwight Yoakam, who could carry the festival on his shoulders alone, and Midland, and Morgan Wade (won’t she be a treat) and Warren ‘Pretty Little Poison’ Zeiders the story gets a little clearer and compelling.
But there is more, a lot more actually. Let’s go next to our own Mr. Clay Walker…can’t wait to hear him sing some of my favorite country songs ever. How about ‘This Woman and This Man’, ‘Live Until I Die’ ’If I Could Make A Living’, ‘Then What’…I better stop on listing the songs (I could probably add about ten more) that I hope he sings that Friday night!!! It’s been way too long since I’ve seen the Beaumont native. Did I mention he is in my book Raising A Hand Volume One. Clay thank you for your support of our project!
Maddie & Tae, Colt Ford, Chase Matthew, Mackenzie Porter, Drew Parker, and Jen Watts are also on the bill for Friday night.
And if you are checking my list against the Friday night line up on the festival website you will notice I hadn’t yet mentioned Julia Cole and The War Hippies. Both acts are special with very deep ties to Houston. Julia is in Nashville now but grew up in Houston and she is a rock-solid performer you need to see. She will be huge one day, likely pretty darn soon. Also on the verge of stardom is The War Hippies! Do you know of Scott (Scooter) Brown. He is half the War Hippies along Donnie Reis, a kick ass fiddle player. Both are veterans and they do amazing things to support that important group plus love their music and all they bring to the stage. They are a MUST SEE!
Saturday the line up is stout. Besides Strings, Yoakam and Zeiders add another Beaumont boy, Tracy Byrd. Must I say more…he is all about everything COUNTRY from Watermelons and Stars to Jose Cuervo. Tracy, can’t wait to hear you sing…thank your festival organizers for including him on the bill! Can’t get too much Tracy Byrd!
And there are more very talented artists that I can’t wait to see that Saturday, many for the first time!! Los Lobos is on the bill for Saturday as is The Fearless Flyers, Kidd G, Amanda Shires, Alana Springsteen, Buffalo Nichols, Trent Cowie and Drew Ryn.
Rapper Baby Bash is also scheduled to perform that night!
If you are still with me, I perhaps have saved the very best for last. Besides Bentley, Midland, and Morgan Wade all who I have previously mentioned I can’t wait to see Drake Milligan, 49 Winchester, Anne Wilson, Braxton Keith, Kate Wilson and Jamestown Revival.
Plus, on the bill is Scotty Alexander who is an extraordinary fiddle player. Let’s hope he plays Charlie Daniel’s ‘The Devel Went Down To Georgia’. For sure his version is a special tribute to Mr. Daniels who would be proud of the way Scotty plays it!
And I’m not done.
The Sunday show includes a band out of Canada called The Heels. They are one part Crosby Stills & Nash, one part Lady A or Dixie Chicks (your choice) and one part ‘Seven Bridges Road’ by The Eagles when it comes to harmony. I was blessed last year to watch them perform at The Dosey Doe Big Barn (if you haven’t been there hurry and go!) and got to meet this trio of women who can harmonize with the best. For sure they are easy on the ears, and eyes, and they are genuine in the joy they bring to the stage. And did I mention they are damn good. Bobbi, Brittni and Kyla, can’t wait to see you on stage and hope I can steal a hug from each of you while you are back here in Texas.
Lastly, I have only provided a brief flyover of the music side of this festival. There is a lot to talk about on the ‘food’ side plus ‘the cause’ behind the three-day event. I will leave those two subjects for another time.
Please help keep ‘live music’ ALIVE…go to the website and learn for yourself why I can’t wait until May!!
Did I mention I will also be photographing the entire festival and will bring those images to Houston Music Review later this year.
And if you see me with my camera/s, please come say hello! I’ll be the tall guy with the purple ball cap and a smile on his face!