Written by Samuel Barker
Jul 12, 2005 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhat new can be said about Ted Nugent after all these years? People have always talked about his political views, so there is nothing worth touching on there. He’s one of the most legendary guitarists and songwriters in rock music, ever. What new can be said about Ted Nugent?Well, with the ongoing war in Iraq, Nugent has taken an active role in the lives of our military. Recently visiting the Brooks Army Medical Center, Nugent played some tunes for the sick and injured military personnel in the facility. He’s traveled to Iraq where he’s played for troops and spent time talking to them, include personal friends of mine. In a rock world where glam and hype are always getting chosen over being a decent human being, Ted Nugent is shining example of what musicians can do to make life better for people around them.

On this night, the Verizon was filled with hard rock fans of all kinds and some military folks who were given tickets by Nugent thought the USO. For these military personnel, the night was kicked off with a meet and greet with Nugent and closed down with an epic show, which I will now recap for those who were unable to make it out.

With the familiar stage setup looking like a bunker meets hunting blind, Nugent hit the stage in a flurry of noise carrying an American flag in one hand and playing his guitar with the other. Waving the flag around while riling the audience up with patriotic sentiment, Nugent broke into the Pledge of Allegiance. Salutes went up around the house showing quickly how many military members were in the audience and the house repeated the pledge with Nugent.

With the end of the pledge, Nugent placed the flag in its holder and began the national anthem. In typical hard rock style, Nugent turned the anthem into a full out aural assault and sent the audience into a frenzy. Before the final note ended, Nugent broke into Free For All and held nothing back the rest of the night. Wango Tango and Wang Dang Sweet Poontang all melded together for a huge opening jam that blew the doors off the place.

After all these years, Nugent still finds the hugest sound you can imagine from a one guitarist lineup. His fingers were still nimble and found every note only to squeeze the soul out of the strings into the amps.

After saying his songs were only about three things, “Hunting, military and love,” Nugent played a “Military hunting love song,” Rawdogs and Warhogs. The military and the war in Iraq was the major theme as Nugent dedicated the set to the soldiers who had died in battle and were there watching.

Though his voice wavered at time, which Nugent apologized for saying he has spent a lot of time talking and singing for troops lately, the vibe and overall power of his and the band’s sound made the vocal misses unnoticeable. With this being Nugent’s first tour since becoming a Texan, he made the state and the city of Houston proud. You can’t ask for more from a man than to give his all and make those around him feel as good as you possibly can. Ted Nugent did all those things on this night. America is better for having citizens like Ted Nugent.

Set List:
Mayhem (Intro)
Star-Spangled Banner
Free for All
Wango Tango
Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
Weekend Warrior
Dog Eat Dog
Raw Dogz
Butter Gritz
Hey Baby
Baby, Please Don’t Go
Need You Bad
Good Friends
Fred Bear
Cat Scratch Fever