Written by Eddie Ferranti
Sep 13, 2005 at 08:00 PM
ImageDespite fall slowly approaching, the air at the Woodlands Pavilion still felt like a breeze straight from the bowels of hell, but the action on the stage was even hotter with Weezer and the Foo Fighters coming to town on a dual-headlining bill.While the release of the Foo Fighters’ latest double album had more of a buzz, it was recent news from MTV that this could be Weezer’s last tour that made more of an impact on the evening, seeing the band put forth one of their best shows in years.

Weezer is still the same high energy band that looks like the guys in high school who were between the geeks and jocks, but on this night, they brought the rock with more intensity than normal. Perhaps it is the revelry of the band preparing for the end of the run, or perhaps it is them finding their stride to give them the desire to live on, either way, the fans were getting the best of the deal.

Opening with This is Such a Pity from their new album Make Believe, Weezer set the pace for the night. A nice mix of new and old songs made the set list flow together nicely. Old favorites like El Scorcho and Say It Ain’t So brought back 90s nostalgia for the older fans while Beverly Hills, complete with Joe Walsh-inspired talk box vocals, sent the new fans into an uproar. Image

It is rare to see a band get such a warm reception after every song in this town, but perhaps the urgency was in the air leading the audience to respond and hope for one more album or one more tour. After seeing this, another night with Weezer is definitely something to look forward to.

With the daunting task of closing the show after such a solid performance from Weezer was the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl and company are finally on the road pushing their new double album, In Your Honor.

The contrast in styles could have been refreshing if not for the sound from the Foo Fighters. The songs seemed to be lost in the fuzz for the most part, but the band played their heart out with unbelievable energy. Mr.Dave Grohl proclaimed: “I love workin’ my balls off every fuckin’ night for my fans”! Well that he did. Lots of thrashing, screaming and inaudible lyrics, but fans loved it anyway.

Grohl made the night come alive at points as he left the stage to venture around the venue during Stacked Actors and his solo version of Everlong was goosebump inducing. These moments made up for the horrible mix, but when all was said and done, it just couldn’t stand up to the set Weezer played.