Written by Samuel Barker
Sep 17, 2005 at 08:00 PM
ImageStanding in the warm summer air in the middle of the woods with your jeans and sleeveless shirt could be highlight of a day for anyone. On this night, it was the highlight of a few thousand people’s nights as Alan Jackson stood on the Woodlands Pavilion stage bringing a catalog of songs that would make any musician jealous to his audience.As the curtain flew open and the sound of She’s Gone Country filled the night’s air, the intensity of a rock show was nowhere to be found, instead a relaxed party atmosphere filled the air, which fit perfect on this summer’s night. Jackson played to the audience with his songs rather than than spending a great deal of his set time talking. This worked just fine for everyone as Jackson and his 8-piece band.

In a montage leading up to the set’s intro, the audience was shown that Jackson has been one of the most prolific musicians in the country music industry, and his set list showed it. Songs like I Don’t Even Know Your Name, Don’t Rock The Jukebox and It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere filled the air and were met with instantaneous singing from the audience. Even to the casual listener, these songs were as implanted in their minds as any song in American history.

There is something humbling about seeing such an important songwriter and singer as Jackson. The major hits of the country world for over 15 years come back to you on one night, from one man, that is something amazing to see.

On October 1, 2005, Alan Jackson will be back in town as part of the “One Country” Katrina Hurricane Survivor’s Benefit at Reliant Stadium. So, if you quickly want to relive this night or make up for what you missed, your chance is only two weeks away. Support the good cause and be there. Just like Jackson did with Where Were You, which made it into this night’s set, he will be there to support the country in a time of need in the best way he knows how.

ImageOpening the show was Sara Evans. While I’m sure opening up for Alan Jackson is quite an honor, Evans seems to be at a point in her career, due to hits and the amazing crowd reaction to the set, to headline a tour of her own.

With her 7-piece band backing her, Evans put the night on the right track with hits like Born to Fly filling the warm summer air at the Woodlands Pavilion. Evans catered to the audience with plenty of interaction and discussion. Calling out the women in the audience who there to have a good time before Mama’s Night Out and hyping up sexy men with Coal Mine, Evans had plenty to share with the audience.

In a humorous move, Evans shunned dedicating crowd favorite Could Not Ask for More to her children, who she stated she was sick of (with a laugh of course) and dedicated to the fans who filled the night with applause and cheers.

After this tour, her early trek with Brad Paisley and the overwhelming crowd reaction, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to believe Ms. Evans will be the headliner of the tour next time she hits Houston.