Written by Eddie Ferranti
Feb 09, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageWent on down to a spooky kind of music venue in Houston called the Meridian to check out “Big Head Todd & the Monsters” Thursday night. When I say spooky, it is not a bad thing. “Nooks and crannies” type feel fit perfectly for a band that defies a label. Mr. Todd Park Mohr is one bad dude. Love his walk on stage, let’s play attitude. Cranked into “Cashbox” and the night was off and running.

Whether it was his harmonica blowin’ or rage guitar slashing, Todd was in total control. His bandmates Rob Squires and Brian Nevin (along with a keyboard player) are barely visible yet potent. A 4 set of tunes with Miss Hazel were hot, especially “Riviera”. “Bittersweet” was very cool. New slower version of “Turn the Light Out” with Hazel was awesome.

This show was a throwback to what concerts should be about. LOTS of tunes and minimal gum flapping by the artists! “Tower”, again with Hazel, was a goose bumper if you will. If the 2 dozen or so songs were not enough, the band supplied “Its Alright”, “Circle” and “Long May You Run” as an encore. Fitting titles for a band that IS alright and LONG may they run back to our town to play.

Only drawback to me was NOT band related. I don’t know if it is the yuppy inner loop crowd that has changed things at general admission shows or what. Get a grip people. Drink a beer and rock…………..make out at home!