Written by Abel Longoria
Feb 22, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageThe Taste Of Chaos Tour made it’s 4th (and last) stop of the Texas leg here in Houston. The doors at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater opened up at 4:30pm (on a Wednesday mind you) and the live music promptly started at 5pm! I lost count at 11 on the number of bands that performed but I must say that everything ran extremely smooth. There were only a few minutes in between each act as they jumped from the main stage to the side stage all evening long.

Typically with Tours that run this setup either the side stage was so far away that it was not worth losing your spot at the main stage so you opt to sit it out and wait until the next act on the main stage. The side stage was on the far end of the main stage so concertgoers didn’t have to relocate in order to enjoy the performers scheduled on the side stage. This was definitely a great setup even though some of the bands seemed a bit cramped in on the side stage setup.

Story Of The Year came on stage and really got the crowd fired up even with the short set all of the bands were given. You could definitely tell that the guys new they had to handle their business quick so they wasted no time getting “warmed up” so to speak. Front man Dave Marsala quickly got down front and center in the pit and started some audience participation which really livened up the crowd.

Atreyu was next up on the main stage and this was the first time I’ve seen them perform live and I must say that I was very impressed. They had a great stage presence, which easily carried over into the crowd. The set itself had “headliner” written all over it and it was hard to believe that once they left the stage that there were still two more bands left!

Thrice was next on tap and just when I thought the night could not have provided a better performance I was proved wrong. Thrice took the stage and as I stood in the media pit watching the first few songs through my viewfinder on my camera I could not help but notice guitarist Teppei Teranishi’s skills! Not many guitarists have given me that “damn he can play” feeling but I can say I found myself saying that exact phrase several times during their set. So far this evening I had witnessed several very good bands put on some great sets given the fact that they had about 45 minutes or so to leave it all out on the stage, which they all did!

Deftones was the headliner of the tour and it was no mistake that they were the ones many in this sold out crowd came to see. Before the last side stage act could end their set the crowd began to chant for Chino. I sure this must have made it a bit awkward but that is probably to be expected with a band who has a very large following here in Houston.

Just prior to the Deftones coming on stage to end the night I had the privilege of getting hit square on the back of the neck with a lit cigarette butt! It could not have possibly landed any worse than it did. An inch one way or the other would have not even hit skin but in this case, it hit all skin and then proceeded down my shirt! I quickly jettisoned the shirt and about that time, the Deftones came on stage.

The entire 3 songs I was photographing I couldn’t get my mind off that freaking tool that thought it would be cool to flick a lit butt towards the stage which indeed ruined my night. The deep burned stung the entire time and every time I got a whiff of the ashes that apparently was all over my neck I continued to get upset. As soon as the 3 songs were up, I packed up my gear and made my way out of the venue. It was a great night of live music up until that point and it was a shame it had to be ruined by that single immature act.

I did not catch the entire Deftones act so I can’t give much of a review for it. It would not be fair to the band if I reviewed them based on the 3 songs I did catch since my mind was not even remotely close to the task at hand.

I have covered and photographed many shows from every genre and venue available here in Houston and not once had I ever experienced anything like that. This night was truly the lowest point…