Written by Abel Carmona
Nov 24, 2006 at 07:00 PM
ImageAhh…The day after Thanksgiving the leftovers, the shopping, and for some the day when one of biggest teen pop bands came to town. That’s right The All American Rejects were in town Friday night and they brought along a few friends. And I was lucky enough to be there to tell you how it all went down. Well maybe lucky is an exaggeration but I got to take my daughter to see one of her favorite bands and that’s helps me keep my cool dad rep. So maybe I was lucky after all…

Starting the night off was the Gym Class Heroes who had more of a hip-hop style to their music then I was expecting to hear this night with most of the bands being of the pop rock genre. But their set was entertaining none the less with a steady beat and flowing rhymes they had most of the crowd digging them.

Next up was The Format who also seemed a little out of place on this tour. Not that their music wasn’t of the same genre but just that their style of rock seem to be more of the 70’s style of rock that has made a come back with bands like The Strokes and Jet.

While watching them I couldn’t help but notice how much the Vocalist sounded, looked, and moved a lot like Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones which also added to the whole 70s rock vibe they had going. Their music wasn’t bad but, It’s nothing I would go spend money on either…

Afterward Motion City Soundtrack stepped up to the stage. They got a nice response from the crowd as most seemed to be exited to see them. This was one band I had heard of before and knew they had played a few shows in town earlier this year.

Coming off their newest album “Commit This To Memory” which was produced by Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus. Motion City Soundtrack played a good set and seem to revive the mass teenagers, getting them up off the floor and in to the air as crowd surfers began flying. During their second song there were some sound problems because of a keyboard that had fell over, which ended up having to be replaced later in the set

And now this brings us to tonight’s headliner the All American Rejects, who hit the stage playing one of their big hits of this year “Dirty Little Secret” bringing fans to their feet and getting high decibel screams from all the teenage girls. Just with most of this night I wasn’t very impressed by All American Rejects but there were a few entertaining moments in the show.

After almost song vocalist Tyson Ritter would talk to the crowd saying every cliché rock star line there is, so I couldn’t help but laugh a little every time he spoke. They did however do one thing I thought was pretty cool, about halfway through their set Tyson asked all the girls to go to the back of the venue and they wanted to have a crowd surfing race.

As they did this one girl finally made it to the front and her prize for winning was she got taken up on stage and got to sit in the rest of the show. Also towards the end of their set Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler came out to the sound booth where a small stage was set up and preformed “It Ends Tonight” as an acoustic song. I was lucky enough to have my daughter right next to the sound booth so she sees her favorite singer up close.

As with most of this night the music was ok but its nothing I would go out and buy for myself either. Unless you’re a teenage girl and are in love with the lead singers of any of these bands I don’t see much of a following for this pop punk genre of music. But then again this is just my opinion and you know what people say about opinions…