Written by Eddie Ferranti
Oct 22, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageOne of my all time rock idols cruised into Houston backing his PSYCHO DRAMA 2007 Tour, Alice Cooper. A fitting name for today’s society I thought. I remember growing up having my room back in Ohio covered with Alice posters and a full collage of various Coop shots ranging from huge snakes draped over him to him drinking Budweiser!

Hell, I was 18 when “Eighteen” was a hit! In the 70’s, Alice was a Marilyn Manson type, but completely tongue-in-cheek rocker, instead of just a shock period like Manson. Cooper loved stirring things up with his stage antics, which he still supplied plenty of this evening. Using props like crutches, whips, tossing beads, stabbing baby dolls, wearing a straight jacket (while singing “Ballad of Dwight Frye”!) and beating up women mannicans were classic AC! Of course he got “hung”, too. I recall when he used to get his head chopped off! But behind all the hijinks was always one thing-killer ROCK.

Alice always surrounds himself with good bandmates and this time was no different. Blazing guitar work was turned in by Keri Kelli and Jason Hook. Bass back up by Chuck Garric and drums by Eric Singer, who also has KISS on his resume! They never got in the way of the showman, but they made the old tunes come alive. And the tunes spanned the whole gambit for sure, kicking off with “It’s Hot Tonight”, “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and a scorching “Under My Wheels”. The flow just rolled with “18”, “Is it My Body” and classic “Woman of Mass Distraction”.

Alice dug a little too deep at times and he cannot hit the notes like he used to, but the dude is 59 after all. Highlights the rest of the way to me were “Be My Lover”, “Desperado”, “Halo of Flies”, “Muscle of Love” and “Schools Out” ended the show, only to have Alice & Company come and scorch the place down with an encore of “Billion Dollar Babies”, “Poison” and “Elected”!!

A performer like Vincent Furnier, aka Alice Cooper, really doesn’t come across as such a frightful persona in this day and age. Is that good or bad? All I know is he always said: “Believe the humor, not the rumor” when it came to him and his stage act. He burned to get people to listen to his rock stories and ballads in an era that had tons of high profile GOOD bands out there to compete with. The fact that Alice is still here is a tribute to the legacy of rock never dies. THAT my friend is something that does matter to this reviewer and it should to you too…’Till the next gig, I’m out.