Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 23, 2008 at 09:00 PM
ImageMichelle Shocked came to Houston after at least a 4 year hiatus. I had not seen her since that last gig at the Continental Club in downtown Houston. That evening was a memorable rockin’ good time and I was pumped for her return for sure, especially in thee intimate confines of the Mucky Duck. In fact, I am fortunate to have an 8×10 photo of that show mounted on the wall of fame at the Continental Club.

Unfortunately, I saw a completely different artist this time around. Michelle is touring behind her latest release “ToHeavenURide” which is a live recording of a gospel set she did at the Telluride Bluegrass Fest. This evening she was accompanied by only Rich Armstrong on horns, bass and harmonica. This dude was a standout performer who complimented Michelle very well.

She kicked off the evening with “The Weight” in which she explained that Rob Robertson was singing about Nazareth, Pa! By the second tune, the show started a trend that was beyond annoying. She began bitching about the sound levels to start with. Then she decided to get her freakin cell phone to call her sweetheart and dedicate a song to him. Say what?! I personally think the cell phone will go down as one of the most over rated and disgusting inventions man has ever come up with, but that’s for another time. Anyway, it took over 10 minutes to locate her phone and then “sweetie” was not there! Good grief.

“True Story” was the tune and it was new and weak. Her new CD is supposed to be about the politics of preaching, but flapping her gums is more like it. Man the woman would not shut up. When she did play, it was very good. Highlights were “Other People”, “Fogtown”, “5am in Amsterdam”, “Come Along Way” and “Anchorage.” These were truly bad ass. If only she would of stuck to playing music, which at $30 a ticket, I do not think that is too much to ask.

Oh yeah, she pulled the “sing-along” card WAY too much also. If you’ve ever read anything this reviewer has penned, you know yapping and letting the crowd do your work both suck to me. It is a shame because like I stated earlier Michelle has always shone the brightest LIVE onstage, spilling her guts for thee audience. To me she was a true American original. Sadly, she seems to have turned to being like most Americans addicted to their cell phones.

By the way, she called her boyfriend AGAIN during the show and reached him this time. Like we gave a rat’s ass. I should of known when I got there that Michelle had changed. She had a banner draped behind her from her latest album (which her sweetie painted) covering up the McGonigels sign! Here’s hoping when she kicks off another tour, with a full band, she lets the music do the talking…