Written by Eddie Ferranti
Oct 29, 2010 at 08:00 PM
ImageDamon Bramblett is considered one of the greatest living country songwriters in some circles, especially Austin, Texas these days. The likes of Kelly Willis, Bruce and Charlie Roberson and Sarah Hickman have covered his tunes.

After being “burned out begging for $50 gigs” Bramblett has made a entrance back into the music scene and we’re all better for it.  This night he ventured to thee red hot Heights Live concert series in Houston. Dude draws good musicians whenever he plays and this night was stellar.

After having traffic problems the trio of DB, killer drummer Lisa Pankratz and resident Derailers stand up bass player Brad Fordham rolled in with a boat load of equipment!   By the third song,”Nobody Wants to Go the Moon Anymore” the band was in full gear. The threesome jammed heartily on “Today I Started Drinking Again” and Bramblett showed he is no slouch on guitar.  His “downhill” style plays well and with the bombastic pinpoint percussion of Pankratz driving the wagon this was sweet indeed.  Bad ass highlights were “Champaign,Illinois”, of course a cover of Cash’s “I Walk the Line” and “Falling Apart”.

One wrinkle the fines folks at Heights Live do is have a huge projector screen behind the artists while they perform.  This night they did their back door “homework” and un-earthed some chestnuts from Damon’s past.  He was openly amused and checked the screen often to enjoy the “slide show” !   Kept him loose and he really showed it in the second half of the gig after we broke for Tracy’s B-Day cake!

“When I Was Blind” and “Tear Him Down” scorched.   A super killer “Here Comes the Sun” closed the show and his encore of “Japanese Post Card” left the too small crowd drenched in enjoyment of this fine performance.

In the early 2000’s Bramblett was thought to be headed towards mega star. He’s at a place now that he feels comfortable easing back into the scene and I think its working!   Just like what is going on 18th Street in the Heights these days. Tracy Brandon and Shawn LaFavers are agressively pushing this BYOB (and we don’t mean Bible!) $10-15 walk up door fee Friday night gig and it is paying dividends.  Crowds have swelled to as many as 100 for “The Trishas” and their pipeline to Austin talent is awesome.   HMR has hitched their wagon to this place and I invite you to check it out, too.  Pastor Mark & company would appreciate it and you’ll be back if you do.  Hoping to buy ya beer sometime at a kiiler LIVE music show…