Written by Tanya Pedersen
Jun 01, 2012 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhat an awesome way for me to kick-off summer- spending June 1st with Collective Soul. The Georgia boys are currently on their “Dosage” tour, which is one that live music lovers don’t want to miss. This tour is a bit unconventional. The band is playing their most popular album in its entirety, and then playing numerous other hits of theirs.

Any time 90’s music is brought up, Collective Soul is one of the first bands that come to my mind. These Georgia boys started off as a popular underground college band. But their first album, Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid, changed all that. They were dropped-kicked into the major league once the album’s single “Shine” hit the airwaves. They spent the next 16 or so years putting out numerous albums that have all produced hit singles. CS even found themselves on the “Twilight” movie soundtrack (Tremble for My Beloved)

Although the band has a long string of hits, the album that tends to stand out as the fan favorite is Dosage. And what better way to pay homage to the fans than give them their favorite album live? For their Houston stop, the band played at House of Blues, which is the perfect venue for these guys. HOB has a somewhat intimate setting, and the band has a way of adding to the intimacy and making their fans feel appreciated.

Ed Roland, the lead dinger, comes on immediately gracious and talking to the crowd. We get a quick understanding of how much they too, love Dosage. They started out the show with “Tremble for My Beloved” and then “Heavy”. They continued playing the rest of the album, in order, with only 2 exceptions. They didn’t play “Dandy Life”, because a former band mate sang that, and they inserted “She Said” because it fit beautifully with the songs they played toward the end of the set (acoustic guitars used). They ended the set with “Crown”, which the singer wrote in honor of his father.

After a brief break, the band came out in full force, playing hit after hit. 8 songs were played during this set, all of which the crowd loudly sang along. Ed Roland is one of the best live vocalists I’ve ever seen. His energy is infectious- dancing and jumping all over the stage while singing beautifully. Joel Kosche plays outstanding lead guitar, even with the 70’s pornstar mustache he’s sporting. Joel is a former guitar student of Ed’s and has been with the band since 2001. He is accompanied on guitar by founding member (and Ed’s baby brother) Dean Roland.

The pair of guitarists compliment teacher other well, and both play with a solemn passion that oozes through their hands to their instruments. Will Turpin, the bad-ass bass player who has also been there since the beginning, adds a lighter touch to the band, but enjoys playing at the back of the stage next to the drummer, a bit out of the lime-light. Rounding out the band is drummer Johnny Rabb.  He is a true talent, and was a blast to watch. He had a smile on his face the entire show, and just seemed damn happy to be there.

At one point during the show, a brief scuffle broke out that demanded the attention of security, and caused a bit of a distraction. Instead of ignoring it like most would, Ed actually stopped the show and called the people out (which was awesome). He broke out into an impromptu soulful acoustic song while security handled the issue. He then asked the people responsible if they minded if he went on with the concert, added a few expletives, and made those involved look like the asses they were, this causing the crowd erupt into applause. The show continued on, and the encore consisted of “December” and “Shine”. The crowd was singing so loudly, I could hardly hear the band (and I was front row).

Once the band was finished playing, they all stood together and took a bow- something not seen too often these days. They high-fived and hugged each other and thanked the crowd. This was definitely one of the best shows I’ve seen. And after briefly meeting and talking with them before the show, and then being front and center for the concert, I’m not only a fan of their music, but I’m a fan of the actual boys in the band. Can’t wait to catch them next time!