Written by Tanya Pedersen
Jun 02, 2012 at 08:00 PM
ImageEarlier this month, the Here and Now tour rolled through Houston, rocking the Toyota Center. This 4 band tour, headlined by Nickelback, made for a great night of rock and roll. The first 3 bands played along set each, and Nickelback performed their full show. All in all, it was almost 4 hours of singing along, screaming and fist-pumping fun.

The show started out with My Darkest Days. These guys were new to me, but I quickly became a fan. This 5 piece Canadian based band rocked it out like pros. The stage for the show was massive, and they devoured it, enthusiastically putting on a show.

Seether played second. Personally, this was the band I was most excited to see. I’ve been a fan for a long time, and haven’t seen them live in several years. Their sound did not disappoint in the least. Their 8 song streak consisted of songs that almost everyone in the Toyota Center knew and sang along with. Their last 2 songs, “Fake It” and “Remedy” really got the crowd in the rockin’ mood. My only complaint was that singer and guitarist for the trio, Shaun Morgan, didn’t actually put on too much of a show. Although he sounded great and his guitar playing is stellar, he wasn’t very animated and left that to the other two boys.

Up next was Mr. Gavin Rosdale…. er, I mean Bush. Seriously, I think many of the women that were at the show, were there to see him. The overall roar of the crowd was an octave higher, I swear! That being said, the band was impressive. Gavin definitely has a presence on stage, but his band’s talent cannot be dismissed. This was my first time to see them play, and I thoroughly enjoyed their show. At one point, everyone on the floor had military signs, and held them up in unison, and it was a very cool sight. From their first song, Machinehead, everyone in the TC was eating from their palms.  The crowd yelling “Breathe In, breathe out” could not have been any louder. Their set included a bad-ass cover of “Come Together”, and ended with “Glycerine” and “Comedown”. All I can say is that the next time these boys are back in Houston, I’m there.

ImageEnter Nickelback, the band people love to hate. Most people love them or can’t stand them; there’s not a lot of middle ground. I’ve often heard people say that their music all sounds the same. That being said, they’ve found a formula that sells records. One thing, however, cannot be denied- These guys know how to put on a show. This is why I love to see Nickelback live- big sound, big background and light show, and big pyrotechnics.

They started out with “This Means War”, and then followed with “Something in Your Mouth”. I love this song and the way they performed it was bad-ass. The words to the song, along with lit up shadowed dancing women were displayed all over the giant screens behind the band. They played 5 songs and then took to a small round stage located opposite the floor, and then the stage rose above the crowd, flying high, which gave the fans in the nosebleeds a much better view. This really kept the crowd screaming.

They eventually ended up back on the mainstage, and kept the show in high gear. Daniel Adair’s 4 minute drum solo was amazing, and “Burn it to the Ground” was a standout because of the light and pyro effects. NB save “Gotta Be Somebody” and “Figured You Out” for the encore. As everyone was leaving, I paid close attention to the conversations around me. There were lots of “that was freaking bad-ass” comments and high-fives.

I must say that the Here and Now show did not disappoint, and may have even converted a few of the Nickelback naysayers that were there mostly for the other bands.