Written by Eddie Ferranti
Mar 29, 2013 at 10:30 PM
ImageGood Friday is a special day for Rose and I. It is always a grounding experience to participate in the Stations of the Cross. Growing up Catholic and being an altar boy has enhanced the spiritual effect; making me feel grateful for the good life I have and the many friends I have in it.

A fitting end to our day together came as we attended a gig titled “The Will Sexton Trio” at the acoustically-cool Mucky Duck in Houston.

Come to find out, “trio” was a loosely used description for the setup on this night. The show opened with the Sexton brothers, Will and Charlie, slidin’ into “Everybody’s Movin'”, a jazzy, jammy tune to mellow the audience out. “Think About the Good Times” followed and the trippy excellence that is Charlie Sexton on electric purred early on. Will delivered “Goddess of Love”, cool and perky soundin’ “Rocks In My Pillow” and “I’ll Change My Ways”.

The brothers exchanged very little banter and spun into a herky-jerky jam on “For Always” that killed it. Charlie has been spending time on stage since 1985 and has a special place in mine and Rose’s heart, being that we saw ‘The Arc Angels’ at the Tower Theater in H-Town on our second date! He’s gone on to spend a lot of time with the likes of Ron Wood, Keith Richards and, of course, Bob Dylan. He’s been the lead guitarist in Dylan’s touring band since 2009 and is on his second tour of duty. He seemed at ease and appeared to be loving a chance to spend time with Will. The smiles between the two showed it.

The “trio” continued with Charlie alone and showing a sense of humor by asking if everybody was still hungry and then breaking into “Angel With Dirty Wings.” His guitar work on the acoustic tune showed amazing prowess. Other goodies were “I Dreamed I Was Flying” and “We Grow Older,” which he penned with Steve Earle.

The gig had kinda morphed into a mellow melting pot when the “trio” part finally happened, as Bill Carter hit the stage at 11:40pm (10:20pm start). The crowd that had been lulled to uneasiness finally got what it came for finally as Carter hit the ground runnin’ and never let up.

With our man where we love him-Will on electric- and CS on killer stand up bass, the table was set and poppin’ like fireworks on the 4th of July!  Wow! What a difference it made as the trio cranked out gems like “Greg and Virginia” and a drop dead smokin’ hot “Willie the Wimp,” where Will would have made Stevie Ray Vaughn sit up and take notice!

Carter earned his stripes with Bill Carter and The Blame’s revolving lineup that featured some of the world’s greatest musicians, including guitarists Denny Freeman, Chris Layton, Donny Wynn, Billy Gibbons, Brian Setzer and even Johnny Depp, with whom he appeared on the Tonight show with recently. Mighty fine pedigree and the guy has a stage presence to say the least. He made a point to say the crowd needed to get louder and stop being so nice.   Classic.

“Ball and Chain” rocked along with a pretty tune “Paris” about his God daughter being born. Cannot say enough how the trio cooked with Charlie starin’ down Will, pumpin’ the bass, as Wilbur, looking so natural, shredded his sleek electric on tunes “Life Will Be Different” and the song Toni Price made big “Rich’s Man”!!

The tempo busted up a notch on “Why Get Up” and then “Eva Bible” where Carter steamed on mouth harp. The rockin’ set ebbed and flowed major league on closer “Crossfire”as the crowd bellowed out big time on the chorus!

Great ending to a Good Friday indeed. Cannot complain at all about musical vets like these three pouring out close to 2.5 hours of great music. Just kind of hungered to see more of all 3 at once is all…Peace and see ya soon…somewhere.