Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageThere are a lot of singer/songwriters that come and go for various reasons in the unpredictable landscape that is the music business these days. One that keeps on keepin’ on is one Patrice Pike out of Austin,Texas. She has been more than just a performer HMR has followed over the years in that she provides her thoughts on life in a way that only she can. PP has a genuine sense of humor, has an eye contact rapport with an audience like few I’ve ever seen and is a genuine soulfull person who does not just give lip service to her fans. 

Rarely do you get a chance like this night at killer McGonigel’s Mucky Duck in Houston to see her with a full band in tow. Pike has been a mainstay at this venue for her pay what you can Happy Hours on Wednesdays where she plays solo or maybe one or two musicians with her.

Tonight she had Seth Orwell on drums, antimated and very good Glen McGregor on bass, Laran Snyder on backing vocals and old buddy Wayne Sutton of Sister Seven fame on smokin’ lead guitar.  Sutton is the piece to this puzzle that takes Pike’s music to rarified air compared to when he is not there!  Tonight was also special when the opening act at 7pm, Sweet Sara Hickman, jumped on stage for a few tunes. Nice.

“Rufus” was the opener and the gig clicked on all cylinders from there.  With Sutton buzz sawing in the background throughout  chestnuts like “Jack Knife Girl”, “Under the Radar”, fave of mine “Sweet November” and roof raising “Babylon” had the audience soaking in the Pike experience full on. You never get a gig mailed in by PP and she relentlessly tours covering community theaters, clubs of all sizes, house concerts to festivals along the way.

ImageConsidering barely out of high school is when she got started, she takes amazing care of herself and the touring has not taken a toll on her ultra strong pipes at all.  It would be great to see this squad in the studio and pump out some new tunes for sure.  The five piece seemed to mesh quite well and Sutton can improvise so well with her its uncanny. 

Also somehow Pike has found the time to be co-founder and executive director of the Grace Foundation of Texas, an orginization that provides services for young adult survivors of homelessness. 

Patrice’s latest release, “The Calling”, was released in June, 2013 with its production partly made possible by fan funding.  I feel truly honored to consider this Austin/Texas Music Hall of Famer a friend.  Grabbin’ on to her for a heartfelt hugaroo and peck on the cheek before the show, I told her HMR was covering the gig and not to be nervous.  Her sincere reply of “I’m never nervous when you are here” said volumes.  The lady lives a full and loving life and we’re all better for it at her gigs.   Just watch out when this lil pepper pot grabs onto a wine goblet as big as her!  

HA! …………….. God Bless all you music lovers and give me a shout next time I see ya enjoying live music “somewhere” please.