Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageMost people think of high profile country stars and music when the city of Nashville is mentioned. With a network TV show spotlighting that life style and the Country Music Hall of Fame being located there it is very true to a certain extent. Truth is N-Ville is a bad ass music town period. Rose and I were making our fourth trip to this fun city and the focus for us was on some major blues fused rock kicked off by one Ana Popovic. 

The City Winery was the venue we ventured to for the first time and it was quite slick. Nice wide open floor plan with a tucked away VIP balcony made it seem quite roomy and acoustically sound-especially on the ground floor level.  Lots of big time acts coming there including Stephen Stills. 

We’ve been chasing AP for a while now and were finally glad to catch her fiery, passionate axe playing and emotional singing .This Yugoslavian born hot lady calls Memphis her home these days and tours non-stop all over the world. She formed her first band called Hush back in 1995 and has been wowing audiences ever since with her mesmurizing jamming.Popovic has seven albums to her credit including 2015’s Blue Room. 

She pulled a lot of things out of her nasty bag of blues tricks showcasing her fine guitar virtuoso and her fine band followed her as a tight unit through out the evening, especially on keys and active demostrative bass. Her music is a mixture of pure blues, rock, and funk giving ample time to share the stage with thee entire band backing her. 

ImagePopovic left no blues legend stone unturned covering the likes of Albert King’s “Ain’t Nothing You Can Do”, paying homage to Stevie Ray Vaughn and a jaw dropping Jimi Hendrix “Cross Town Traffic” that stunned the crowd.  You have to know going in that a Ana Popovic gig is not really about lyrics, but more so an appreciattion of guitar mastery that fills a major void these days especailly in a dolled up easy on the eyes package like hers! 

At age 39 now she is widely regarded as one of the world’s very best female guitar players and her career shows no sign of slowing down. AP has garnered nominations for Blues Music’s Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year (2014) and Contemporary Blues Album “Unconditional” (2012) which she tore the building down on the title track this night!  The woman displays great effortless maturity while clearly paying homage to the history of the blues one bad to the bone riff at a time.

FYI for all of you in the Houston area that she will be gracing the stage at the Dosey Doe Big Barn 8/15/15 in the Woodlands. 

You can check out what HMR had to say about her last visit in 2014 right here at this link: http://www.houstonmusicreview.com/mambo/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2516&Itemid=7  

I know we’ll try and be there………….God Bless the BLUES!