Written by Robert Johnson
ImageAhead of its forthcoming release, Pagans in Vegas, Metric hit the road for two months of shows as the featured opening act for the Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors tour. On July 16th, the tour made its way to Houston’s Toyota Center for a night of music and memories. Only performing an abbreviated set because of its positioning as opening act, Metric set out to play a few favorites while also introducing the audience to some new tracks.

Despite its billing, many fans in attendance seemed to not only be familiar with the work of Metric, but to actually be there to see Metric perform. However, with more than 10,000 screaming, enthusiastic fans in attendance, the band had the opportunity to win some new fans along the way. Before the night’s end, it was clear Metric had done just that.

Image After opening with “Stadium Love” and cruising through “Too Bad, So Sad” and “Black Sheep,” Emily Haines, Jimmy Shaw, and company brought fans in attendance to their feet with “Help, I’m Alive.” As the familiar intro started the energy began to build. Yet, somewhatsurprisingly (for an Imagine Dragons show), the crowd sang along with every word from the moment Haines said “I tremble…”

While “Synthetica” and “Breathing Underwater” also received similar reactions, the crowd really came
unglued when Haines dawned the electric guitar to rock out to “Gold Guns Girls.”
In addition to familiar tracks of old, Metric played three incredible new songs: “Too Bad, So Sad,” “Cascades,” and “The Shade.” All three share strong electronic roots, yet still blend well with the live act. “The Shade” stood out as melodic and incredibly catchy. In fact, after the band closed out the set with “The Shade,” I found myself singing the chorus (“I want it all, I want it all”) in my head over and over

ImageThe sampling of new tracks fit perfectly with the Metric fans have grown to love while still taking  progressive steps electronically.

Pagans in Vegas drops on September 18, but fans can already get at least four songs as instant gratification on iTunes. Metric will be on tour this fall and back in for a headlining gig at Houston’s Whatever Fest on Sunday, November 22.

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Stadium Love
Too Bad, So Sad
Black Sheep
Help, I’m Alive
Gold Guns Girls
Breathing Underwater
The Shade

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