Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageAs soon as she hit the stage with the lyrics “Rock ‘N Roll ’till I Die”, Robyn Ludwick flipped the switch and it stayed on throughout her killer gig at McGonigels Mucky Duck.

Confessing that it was her favorite spot in Texas to play, Ludwick and her tight four piece band played liked they meant it. The term multi-dimensional kind of fits to describe this performance. Not only does RL write her songs from what she describes as “third person”, but she comes at you from all angles on everything, including early on that she needed to change to wine on stage because the beer was making her burp! Her down to earth banter between songs was priceless and only got better as the wine did its thing. Ludwick’s soulfully strong delivery really comes to the surface so much better with a full band supporting her awesome short and to the point songs..

Ed Jarusinsky kept a steady beat on drums, hubbie of twenty years John Ludwick (“He heckles me on stage”!) controlled the bass and Chris Gehard was given space very nicely by Robyn to get your attention on electric guitar!

Tunes like one about the other woman “She’ll Get the Roses”, “Departing Louisiana” where she has a special space in her heart for and “Mama” off her latest CD all showcased meanigful and heart tugging lyrics.

Ludwick’s numbers tend to stay to the bad ass blusey sexy side with a definite Austin slant on rockers like “I Won’t Cry For You Baby”, which is refreshing considering the packed field of women singer/songwriters out there who tend to strum more than take chances.

ImageRL said being able to play with ex-Faces stud, the late Ian MacLagan, brought the blues side of her to the surface big time. She did “These Blues” about her famous brother Charlie Robison, describing it as “He had a I do not give a shit attitude” during his divorce. Well not only does she have her bro’s ear-to-ear killer smile, but a what the heck let’s do it attiude, too.

Her sound is an intoxicating  blend of outlaw country , psychedelic and spooky leading this reviewer to dub her a “psychedelic hillbilly” if you will!  Ludwick has been hailed as the “Queen of Modern Texas Country Soul” (No Depression Magazine) after her Gurf Morlix produced 2014 “Little Rain” release and it was evident in her strong urgent vocals on new one “The Insider”, “Hollywood” from acclaimed Morlix also produced and participated on release “Out of These Blues” and  “I Got A Heartache” where her build up crescendo style leads to goose bumps!

The lady will also be featured in an indie film titled “Lost Vegas Hiway” slated for Summer 2015 release.  How ’bout dem apples for all over the board?

Robyn chose to not use her illustrious maiden name to enhance her carreer which she could of easily done.  She oozes a friendly quiet confidence which bores right to your soul. The rings on every finger hippie left the crowd down the stretch with a “love song” “Stalker and “Texas Jesus” which was fitting to her tongue-in -cheek style.

In closing, I’d like to quote AllMusic’s excellent depiction of her music: “Elegant and graceful as a straight razor; it takes no prisoners, makes no apologies. In other words, it’s just drop-dead gorgeous.” It was my first time to catch her with a full band and will not be the last .

Go see this force to be reckoned with woman when you can!    God Bless live music..