Written by James Killen

If you think that songwriters are tragic figures, always struggling against an unfair society and self- destructive behavior, to bring an ultimate truth out into the light, then you haven’t met Jordi Baizan. Jordi writes songs from the perspective of a typical middle class American. He can find meaning in the simplest experiences. He has good healthy relationships and he deals with misfortune (like having his house flooded) with a positive attitude.

Free and Fine is Jordi’s second published collection of songs. In this album he taps into his network of musical friends for input. Walt Wilkins as producer seemed to find the right sound for each song. He shares writing credit with Terry Klein, Todd Withers and Jackson Emmer on a few of the songs. Walt Wilkins, Rich Brotherton, Libby Koch, and Jaimee Harris all added their musical talents as well.

“Between the Sun and the Moon” and “Let’s Have Seconds” recount the meeting and courtship of a young couple, while “Pictures on the Wall” is about a house becoming a home. “Could have been Us”, recounts a casual unspoken infatuation. All of these are examples of how Mr. Baizan chooses a very common experience and opens it up to reveal a special nature to life.

“Footsteps on the Ceiling”, “Time to Leave the Neighborhood” and “Heroes all Around Us” all deal with unfortunate situations like floods, old age and death and childhood cancer and finding a way to make sense of them in life. “Whiskey and Water” and “Tears and Mascara” chronicles the tragedy of negative experiences embedding themselves in peoples’ lives.

In “Desert Line” (the song from which the album title was derived) Jordi recounts the story of a couple that buys an Airstream and moves to the Big Bend region from Houston to simplify their lives. The song that really seems to say Jordi Baizan the most to me, however is a piano tune called “Winter’s Come”. It recounts a philosophy of accepting life as it is given with blessings and hard times alike, and finding a way to rise above it through positive attitudes.

Free and Fine has already enjoyed a good deal of recognition on Folk and Americana charts. I think that it is only the beginning of what will certainly be a long and rewarding music career. Jordi certainly has no lack of life experiences to draw upon and interpret through song. I look forward to the next installment.