Written by Eddie Ferranti
Mar 28, 2008 at 09:00 PM
ImageStepped out on a Friday and hit the island of Galveston to catch Patrice Pike recently. Been really riding the bandwagon of this hot Austin native the past year or so. She was so kind to set us up at her gig (with Guy Forsyth) in San Francisco last July at the Red Devil Lounge. It was a steamy show that got my attention. Patrice then booked herself for free gigs every Wednesday in October, November & December where she frequently packed the house at the Mucky Duck.

The lady, now a bad ass looking 37, just comes across with a combination of intelligence and confident coolness that makes ya dig her. This little lady has been on her own since she was 16. Amazing. She had a nice run with Sister Seven making 2 albums. They played such well known festivals like H.O.R.D.E. and Lilith Fair, scoring a few Billboard hits along the way. Recently, well 2006, she scored nationwide attention participating in the reality rock band show “Supernova”. Patrice did not win the overall competition, but scored major positive reviews for her original tune “Beautiful Thing”. This evening she had her full band and man this is where Patrice excels!

More than anyone I’ve seen lately have I found a peformer who has such a raw, down-to-earth in your face feel live. Playing this tight venue was perfect for her. They had the volume just right where you got the whole package of rock and not feel blown out of the place. She opened with “Temple” and by the time she finished her third tune, “Sweet November”, the energetic crowd was into it! Other killer highlights of the evening were “Chico”, one of my favorites “Dragonfly” and “Volcanos”. For the latter, she told a very nice story about writing that song on a lip of a real volcano. The tune was penned about her Mama.

Patrice has a way of telling a story, but not hogging up rock time with too much blabber. But the main thing she has live is a sultry ooze without really pushing it on the audience. That was evident on a new tune, “Firefly” where she took off the guitar and free wheeled with the mike. Hot indeed. She has incorporated the use of “skat” in her songs which is very cool to check out. Playing the congos and drums showed the girl’s versatility.

The three song ending was sweet. “Unraveling”, “Babylon” and “Kiss Me Baby” smoked out the night’s show. Stage prescence is a sometime over used term when reviewing a perfomance, but it fits here folks. Pop on out and check this throaty wailing lady when ya can. You won’t regret it…………..’till the next gig, I’m out.