Written by Eddie Ferranti
Nov 13, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageIt was hard for me to believe that the last time I covered Jewel was over seven years ago in Houston at the same venue I was going to this evening, the Verizon.

Back then she was in a band and touring behind “This Way”, her most critically acclaimed album to date. Things have shifted in her career since then. The girl has slid over to the country side of the fence and has achieved some success doing it. “Perfectly Clear” debuted at #1 on Billboard and spawned three hit singles “Stronger Woman”, “I Do”, and “Til It Feels Like Cheating”. This time around she showed up all by her lonesome doing a “show and tell” type deal with her guitar.

Girl came out and just busted into a killer “Over the Rainbow” that was quite stunning. From the get go you knew her pipes were still intact. “Last Dance Rodeo” and “Uncommon”  followed to appreciative howls from the crowd! I mean she was wailing big time in a good way. By the way, Father Time has not messed with her looks. Very nice kinky ass get up from head to toe. Not hard on the eyes at all if ya know what I mean !

Jewel seemed more than at ease spinning tales of her early days playing 5 hour sets with her dad after her parents divorced at an early age. She broke into a show stopper belting out “Ya Wanna Rock Let’s Roll” which was awesome.  Unfortunately for this reviewer the show started to really bog down with the format turning into five minute plus stories before another tune. Don’t get me wrong, the true Jewel fans were enjoying themselves which is cool. But for me to hear how she has had to endure being “arm pit tall” after gigs and getting sweat slobbered on her was a bit much.

If you’ve ever read anything I’ve covered you know that blabbing leads to angst and yawning and it becomes laborsome to cover. Hey- she seems content living on her ranch with true cowboy Ty Murray and doing whatever the hell she wants to do. Good for her. She’s had a 14 year ride and still can “do it” which says a lot in itself..  I’ll probably venture to see her sweet self at another point in time, but it better be with a full band and a bunch more upbeat for sure…can’t love ’em all folks!  Get out there and catch somethin’ LIVE and God Bless…