Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 18, 2010 at 08:00 PM
 “Grunge rock” had its beginnings with me with the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and STP in what seems like “way back when”. Well, on a rainy Sunday in Houston, I prepared to dive back into the grunge pool with a band who carried that label since early 2001, Puddle of Mudd.

ImageRight off the bat I was stunned that the gig was sold out. No way did I think this type of music was so strong, especially given the bad night it landed on. The House of Blues was stuffed to the gills with folks wanting to have their faces melted and they were not let down.

POM has had some success in the mainstream selling over 7 million albums to date. The band was actually formed in 1992, but did not get it going until they embarked on the Family Values tour in 2001. Playing along side noted bands as Godsmack, STP, Linkin Park, and Staind, they fed off the buzz of that tour to score some hits of their own.

This tour backing their latest release, “Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate”, saw them handling top billing quite well. Frontman Wes Scantlin knows how to rev up a crowd that’s for sure.

The entire evening was filled with amusing antics and a refreshing sociable attitude, albeit a tad strange at times. The Top 10 hits flowed like the booze down the gullets of the pro-male crowd!  LOUD and proud POM mashed thru goodies like “Psycho”, “Blurry”, and all time favorite “She Hates Me”. Not a moment of the band’s performance was missed by the screaming sing along crowd!

The entire set was filled with sludgy guitar riffs, guitar heavy catchy hooks one after the other, and bombastic drum beats. A killer version of AC/DC’s “TNT” was well received to say the least.
Did I tell you it was LOUD?!  My Lord it was to the point of being outrageously loud to this reviewer.  The axiom of “If it is too loud, you’re too old” NEVER held any water with me. I wore earplugs deep in my ears and STILL had ringing the next few days after being subjected to the likes of trash fodder like Burn Halo and Saliva opening up.

All in all, POM delivered to an adoring mass at HOB this night.  Fans got what they showed up for, a good old fashioned loud R&R gig…As far as this old fart’s ASS, I said good bye to any more grunge/metal shows forever. Just ain’t worth the ear loss…Take care and good night.