Written by Dave Clements – Oct. 27, 2019

Who’s on first, what’s on second, I don’t know is on third. And that is the way it went all evening of the Zac Brown Concert in The Woodlands this Sunday night. So confusing…

I hadn’t even left the house yet and the confusion began.

Do we blow off one of the best touring bands across America and stay home and watch the Astros try to win their third World Series away game in a row in DC against the Washington Nationals?

And if we go to the show do we record the game and watch it later, or do we try to watch it on our phones during the show?

Do we try to at least keep up with the score or do we keep our heads in the sand so to speak and avoid hearing the score until we get home?

Do we watch some of the game and miss the concert opener and then haul butt down to the venue? And just arrive as Zac is going on?

Decisions, decisions, decisions… Okay, our plan, leave in time for the opener having recorded the game and do our best to not hear about the game during the evening. Good plan, unlikely to be properly executed.

What factored in the most about going early was that the OPENER was Lukas Nelson. He is outstanding and has been each time I’ve had the opportunity to see him. Same this night.

The guy is amazing. He has so much range in his vocals you can’t believe it unless you hear him sing a full set of his songs. He can sound better than Willie (Willie Nelson, that is, his Dad) to better than Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top fame, to ‘better than’in a variety of other vocal tones, plus he can kick butt on the electric guitar (and acoustic) and his song selections are very diverse interesting and always entertaining.

So… we made it through Lukas and the intermission with no word on ‘the game’ and are, so far, pleased with our plan.

Zac and the rest of his seven band mates, after an interesting ‘behind the scenes’ video of the guys before a show, hit the stage with Toes, Cost Of Freedom and Charlie Daniels’ Devil.  All three collectively had the near capacity audience in a near frenzy.  Or was it the Astros’ game status thus far?  Given that I didn’t know the score, nor even what inning they were in, I’m sticking with ‘it was Zac’ revving up the crowd!

And I was at the sound board trying to get you some good shots of the guys for our ‘photo gallery’. You can decide how well I did by going there and having a look.

After the 3rd song I had to get my camera equipment put away and didn’t even touch my cell phone so that I would stay in the dark. I also didn’t make eye contact with any folks on the move because I was certain that if I did they would want to somehow talk about what was going on in DC vs ‘The Show’!

Back in my seat a few minutes later, ready to slide into the Zac Brown Band (Zac, by the way, is evidently spending his down time in the gym and tattoo parlor) and enjoy the show designed to impress and thrill the very enthusiastic crowd. It was obvious to me that those of us who were indeed paying attention were very impressed. Others? Hey…Go ‘Stros!

I was beginning to get confident that I’d be driving home ‘score free’ while Zac was sharing on stage that they had a new record coming out . They proceeded to play it for us, Boys In The Band.  Great tune!

Soon after, Zac brought out Lukas Nelson to share the stage with him. Damn, I should have known that ‘the plan’ working this far into the night was too good to be true.

Rather than a quick introduction of Nelson and moving right on into Find Yourself, Lukas started whispering into Zac’s ear for way more than a quick second to make sure they were going to be in the same key (or so I thought).

Then all of a sudden like the crack of a bat Zac belts out “Astros Four National Nothing in the bottom of the sixth”!

BAM, best laid plans have been hit out of the ball park.

In retrospect I guess his announcement was better than Nat’s 4 Astros Zero but none the less so much for ‘plans’.

Page Two of the story was Zac put on one hell of a show and Astros put on one hell of a show. It was delightful to watch and made for a late night but worth every minute.

For Zac it was the last night of their tour, and for The Woodlands, it was the last night of their season. For the Astros it was a 3 games to 2 lead coming back to Minute Maid.  And hopefully it was the end of this ‘home teams losing at home’ trend when JV takes the mound Tuesday night!

We will likely know the answer before this review goes on line and remember ‘I don’t know’ is on third, ‘what’s’ on second and ‘who’ is on first!

Until next time please support live music every chance you have…unless the Astros are playing!