Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 25, 2004 at 08:00 PM
ImageWho can forget Cyndi Lauper? How many girls ran around town with a haircut that looked like a lawnmower ran over their head because they loved this woman so much. That’s what made it seem so odd that the Club V setup of the Verizon wasn’t sold out for this show. It put a damper on the mood pre-show, but once Lauper came out, it was fine.In an odd twist, Lauper began the set by telling photographers to be nice with the camera since she was having a bad hair day. As she told them, “No pictures that make me look like Frankenstein.”

Always full of energy, Lauper spent a great deal of the evening in the audience with the people who came out to make this show a blast. While most artists happily stay on their turf up on stage, Lauper easily went from bouncing around on stage to dancing in the audience. Something I haven’t seen in a long time.

Audience members couldn’t help but have a blast with Lauper so full of life and energy. Rarely do you see a performer who looks so alive and happy to be performing. Pretension and ego were nowhere to be found on this night.

Classics like Time After Time and True Colors had people singing away but Money Changes Everything blew everyone away. It was during this song that Lauper shined as strong as ever. It was truly a wonderful sight.

As expected, Lauper closed with the anthem she penned, Girls Just Want To Have Fun. People danced, people sang and everyone had a blast. 90 minutes of music that filled the night with nothing but fun and positive memories.

Get off your butt and support LIVE music people. This was a “sleeper” that most people scoffed at me when I told them I was attending. Hummm…joke’s on them. You have to be there to have opinions folks…