Written by Jim Bille
Aug 18, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageThe best show to hit Houston so far this year happened on Saturday night at Warehouse Live when Storyville, the band that disbanded a few years back, returned to town for a long over due encore performance. There, now it’s been said. I just wanted to get that out right away. Yes, if you weren’t there you might have missed the best show yet.

Malford Milligan, Chris Layton, Tommy Shannon, David Holt and David Grissom came in and took over. Starting out with “Blind Side”, Bitter Rain” and Keep a Handle on It”, Storyville put a musical clamp on the crowd and didn’t loosen it up for about two hours.

Backed up by the super rhythm duo of Double Trouble along with two razor crisp guitar players, Malford Milligan cavorted around the stage with glee as he expressed his love of the music and the fans through his bigger than life performance. His gospel infused vocals continue to stand out as some of the best rhythm and blues belting this side of anywhere. Milligan’s show had enough energy and soulful charge to light Houston up through a blackout.

The team of David Holt and David Grissom sounds like a guitar duo born to be. These guys smoked the stage Saturday with Grissom shouldering most of the lead duties as Holt kept the rhythm in place. Tradeoffs did happen however as Holt would showcase his guitar prowess from song to song.

Anything Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton are involved with will stand the test of musical time. These Texas music masters have played together since you know when and have continued to guide many bands to the right spot with their back up contributions and musical know how. Their presence in any band line up is not a force, but the force, to be reckoned with. Double Trouble is the bottom line, and that’s all that needs to be said.

The band’s three studio releases, ‘Storyville’, ‘Piece of your Soul’ and ‘Dog Years’ garnered much acclaim from fans and through out the music industry but to really experience the band’s music you need to see them in person. To get that live show feel, Storyville has recently released a double live CD with DVD taped last year at Antone’s in Austin. It pretty much follows the show I witnessed at the Warehouse. I highly recommend it.

Other songs featured during the Saturday performance included ‘Bluest Eyes’, ‘Two People’, ‘Born Without You’, Cynical’, Piece Of Your Soul’,‘Writing On The Wall’, and ‘Good Day For The Blues’.

See ya there next time!