Written by James Dillon
Oct 04, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhat makes a great night of music? The answer is quite simple; cool venue, good company, and of course, great bands.

A couple weeks ago I made the drive to Austin to see the Australian twee-pop outfit for the first time, after years of hoping to see them live. Since the group hadn’t ever played in Houston in the almost fifteen years they have been together, I decided I would have to break down and drive the three hours to see them, which I am very glad I did.

After getting some pizza at Whole Foods and buying some records at Waterloo, I walked over to the Emo’s lounge to wait to get into the show. Tickets weren’t available before the show, so I waited around to make sure I got in.

The music started almost immediately after the doors opened, around 9:30 or so. The first band to play started off sounding like the Dead Milkmen, but quickly went downhill with the singer losing clothing as the short set went on.

The second band on the bill was another band from Austin, Our Solar System. This band was much better than the first. The songs were short, but very enjoyable. Subject matter for the songs included Sundays and bicycles, something we all should enjoy. At one point during the set the singer got a bit annoyed with the most of the audience not paying attention, so he decided to strike up a conversation with those who were actually watching. I much prefer bands taking to the audience when they get annoyed, as opposed to those who just storm off the stage.

The third band to play was Yellow Fever, an indie pop outfit from Austin. This was my second time to see the group, and once again they played songs with simple chord progressions, catchy lyrics, and poppy beats. The only thing that disappointed me about this set was they didn’t play the song about breaking their friends iMac.

Finally, after waiting almost five years, a three hour drive, and three opening bands, I got to see the Lucksmiths take the stage.

As soon as the group opened with “Camera Shy”, the pop bliss didn’t stop until almost one thirty in the morning. The group continued to play fan favorites such as “The Year of Driving Languorously” and “T-Shirt Weather”, as well as some newer songs, which contained the same wit and charm as their older material.

One thing that made me respect this group even more was how humble they are. They are more than willing to talk to their fans, and they were doing this tour on their own. They flew over from Melbourne with no instruments, no roadies, no tour manager, it was just the four of them borrowing guitars and such along the way.

After playing a dozen or so gems, the group called it the end of the tour, which went from Boston to Austin. But before leaving the stage, the song “Midweek Midmorning”, the song that got me listening to the group was played.

For a night that had a lot of potential for being a disappointment, it was the exact opposite. I finally got to see one of my favorite bands put on a spectacular show, I got to make a little day trip out of Houston, and I made some new friends. Special thanks to Claire Dunn for letting me use a couple of the photos she took at the show.