Written by Samuel Barker
Apr 20, 2010 at 12:00 AM
ImageThose who have read the site before know that I have a special love for all things Les Claypool. It was fateful night of watching MTV that got me hooked on the band and led me to talking my mom into buying me a bass for my birthday. I’ve seen Primus quite a few times, but, I’d never seen Claypool on one of his solo ventures…until this night.

The first thing that was different was the lack of a guitarist, which at first site caught me off-guard. But hearing (insert name)’s cello ran through a Fender Bassman combo took care of that instantly. The sound of the classical instrument ran through an effects loop with guitar amplification fit perfectly with Claypool’s altered bass tones.

The use of dual-percussionists worked as well. Anyone who has heard Claypool’s music in any format knows it is heavily rhythmic. Primus classic, My Name is Mud, is simply using the bass a percussion instrument. With the dueling percussionists, it made the body of the songs incredibly robust. They even got a moment to shine on the Drum and Whamola Jam, which has carried over from the Primus shows of recent year.

The band spent a great deal of the show fitting perfectly with the “aura” of the audience. Most were feeling the effects of their pre-show rituals and swayed in unison with the trippy lighting and quirky tunes. From the opening notes of Thela Hun Ginjeet to the closing of Rush’s Spirit of the Radio, the audience was locked in.

Highlights of the show for all in attendance was the segue from David Makalaster into a full-version of Primus favorite Southbound Pachyderm back into David Makalaster and the sing-along fun of D’s Diner. Both had the audience screaming along and dancing, which is what music is all about.

Opening the show was Beats Antique, which were a fun band to watch.

Featuring one member on drums and another running computerized beats, a kaos pad, violin and a guitar-like slide instrument, they created interesting musical landscapes that were captivating despite lacking vocals. The addition of a belly dancer on a few other songs brought them to life in some pretty interesting ways.

All in all, the night was solid from opening to close.

Thela Hun Ginjeet
Rumble of the Diesel
Booneville Stomp
Long in the Tooth
Red State Girl
Drum & Whamola Jam
Buzzards of Green Hill
David Makalaster – Southbound Pachyderm
Lust Stings
D’s Diner
Spirit of the Radio (Rush Cover)