Written by Jim Bille
May 29, 2010 at 08:00 PM
ImageThe Robert Cray band made a return trip to the House of Blues last Saturday for another outstanding performance. His appearance, in August, was all but sold out but for some unknown reason that crowd didn’t show up on this night. Not sure where the fans were Saturday night but there was a noticeable difference in the size of the crowd. Apparently Cray didn’t notice or didn’t care as he went about his business of plying his brand of the blues for the appreciative audience.

As expected, Robert Cray pushed his guitar playing over the top, sometimes sounding like a bell or chimes ringing in harmonic fervor. His melodic style of playing never falters and each time I’ve seen him his performance has never disappointed.

Cray’s music can’t be described as pure blues, I think of his repertoire as more of premier R&B, heavy on the B. Songs like ‘You Don’t Even Care’ and ‘These Things’ are prime examples of songs that even Sam Cooke would have envied.

Other Cray standards featured were ‘Bad Influence’, ‘Right Next Door (Because of Me)’, ‘Smoking Gun’ and ‘Chicken in the Kitchen’.
This was another great performance by Robert Cray but I would like to hear him stretch out a bit more and get out of his R&B ditch a little more often before it caves in.

Long time bassist Richard Cousins, drummer Tony Braunagel and keyboardist Jim Pugh were also on hand to help pull the sound together for Cray.