Written by Eddie Ferranti
Dec 29, 2010 at 08:00 PM
Better Than Ezra brought their “Road to Mardi Gras” Tour to Houston recently and Houston Music Review was there to check it out.

For the second year in a row (almost to thee exact date) HMR was the only media there to capture a truly fun event.  We did it up big time by doing a full on interview and promo to help pack the House of Blues.  The interview skyrocketed to the most viewed review HMR has had in all of 2010!  You can still check out Tom Drummond’s piece on the state of things with BTE and the great city of New Orleans in general in the features section of HMR.

This night we were pumped to party holiday / Mardi Gras style with BTE and were not let down. Tearing into “Charles DeGalle” Kevin Griffin immediately took control of the scene.  This guy has that “frat boy” kind of feel to him with his carefree and “let’s have fun” attitude. His bee-bop prancing, killer angelic type vocals and underrated edgy guitar riffs ruled throughout the evening.

“King of New Orleans” was appropriate and a very hot “Misunderstood” had the loyal “Ezralites” grooving to the beat big time.  Drummond is a nice partner to KG with his deep ass bass bottom and Michael Jerome mashed on his drum kit like a madman, too.

These guys came from the late 90’s alternative group of bands that has seen few survive at all, but judging by the cult like female dominated crowd BTE is flourishing still.  Playing live is their niche for sure.  BTE displays an unpolished non-stop raw energy on stage that is great to be part of.  A great example of this was on their smash hit “Good” where Griffin veered off into some super duper heavy ass RUSH riffs in the middle of the song, smiling and exhorting the crowd to rock with him!  Very cool indeed.  “Extra Ordinary’ was just that!

Other killer cuts this night were “Juicy” with a “Missing You” Rolling Stones intro, cowbells on “Desperately Wanting” and badass encore trio of “I Just Knew”, “Particle”, and “In the Blood”.

Thee overall swagger and emotion of Better Than Ezra is so refreshing these days and a 2 hour show is unheard of for most gigs in today’s over planned music biz.  If you ever get a chance to catch this band, I highly condone doing so. You can bet that the worn out partiers that boogied at the HOB this night will attest to the fact that BTE is going strong and will be doing so in the future…………God Bless your 2011 !