Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 13, 2011 at 08:00 PM
Last February we visited the great city of Austin, Texas.  Every time we go there a stop at Waterloo Records is a must.  I had read about an up and coming young lady named Sahara Smith beforehand so I grabbed her CD “Myth of the Heart”.  Listening to it a lot I found it worthwhile, but not over the top good.  When I heard she was making a stop at Under the Volcano (2349 Bissonnet in Houston) with a line-up of Austin stalwarts Mike Meadows, Will Sexton, and Jake Owen, seeing her was a must.

Boy was Rose & I blown away. Her CD sounds very nice and engaging as is under the shepherding of T-Bone Burnett, but with this line-up it came alive big time!   This hot and lanky lady had a sultry presence that blended awesomely with the guitar shreds of Owen and Sexton, plus whatever you call what Meadows does with his percussion bag of tricks. The striking redhead purred in the mike on stunners like “Trainman”, a tune about an ex-boyfriend who thought it was about a “hobo” and the first cut on her CD “Thousand Secrets” was killer, too.

Growing up in the hill country of Wimberley, Texas, she has been at it since she was 14. Amazing that at 22 she has already scored a spot on David Letterman last November and seems poised for a breakout in a music laden city like Austin. “Are You Lonely” featured her high octave pipes which were amazing live. “Mermaid” was a swirling mass of fun fluff which mixed well in the intimate surroundings which IS Under the Volcano.

This little hole in the wall has live music only on Wednesdays and is rapidly catching on as a must see venue on Hump night in H-Town.  With its spooky cool candle lit feel all about this joint has caught the fancy of HMR for sure.

No song came across better though than her tune “The Real Thing”. You can catch many versions of it these days ala YouTube and such, but this night it just flat out smoked.  You can’t find three more talented-and nice-guys in the biz than the ones backing this smoky voiced lady this night.  There is no doubt we will catch this lady-and venue-more down the musical road of life!  Y’all should, too.  That’s my 2 cents and have a nice day!