Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 26, 2011 at 08:00 PM
Being the “youngster” that I am there are some artists that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them, but always gravitate to see them again. One such artist is the one and only George Thorogood. Like a favorite pair of jeans or shoes, GT slides you into a musical time capsule and always delivers.  Sure you’re going to have the usual “ham & eggs” lines like on “Nightime is the Right Time”- “I wanna be with you-and your girlfriend, too!”  And you’re going to have the sound turned up to decibels beyond life, but you are going to walk out having felt like you got what you paid for.

For Thorogood and his band, drummer Jeff Simon, bassist Billy Blough, bad ass guitarist Jim Suhler, and killer sax/piano man Buddy Leach-AKA The Destroyers- that means treating the audience to an evening of sweat soaked energy and in- your- mug, take no prisoners music.

The visuals the band has added were super neato and enhanced the rockin’ mood big time. GT’s slide work and style is still cool to witness, like on chestnuts “Bad to the Bone” and “Move It On Over”!  He burned through goose bump inducing versions of “Who Do You Love?”, “The Fixer”, and Tail Dragger”. It’s something when the “slower” numbers are priceless ones like “I Drink Alone” and “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”.

Having beers spilled on ya by 70’s rejects who’ve had 6 too many is par for the course always at a GT gig, too. Comes with the territory because most of the crowd WAS there when Thorogood hit the airways on their favorite AM/FM stations back in the day.

I know I remember him and to close out with a quote from the man himself: “Like I tell people, I didn’t write the book, but I memorized it.” After all these years the dude still has a damn good memory……….Peace and go see some live music soon!