Written by Marc McKinney
Nov 12, 2012 at 08:00 PM
ImageIt was with great anticipation that I wanted to see and review this show badly.  Being a huge fan of the Counting Crows, I was not to be disappointed.

Opening with my top 5 fav’s, “Sullivan Street”, I was apparent Adam Duritz still had his voice intact from the ‘90’s when they were selling millions.  Although putting on some weight (he was a tad heavy), Adams energy level was still quite high.

Some of the set alternated between fan favorites and older album tracks that for whatever reason, never received the consideration they deserved when first released. The album tracks appeared to penetrate the deepest, notably “Recovering the Satellites”, the title cut from their sophomore record which had everyone in the audience singing along with it.

The tour is in support of their new record label, with the first release being “Underwater Sunshine” a covers record that is much more than it appears on paper but a honest work of art that should be around for some time after this tour is finished.  Playing them live, these songs weaved in and out of the set like long lost buddy’s and stood up next to the band’s deeper songs. The covers are light but are imbedded with fun and are anything but a throw away. There is an importance to the new material, whether they wrote it or not doesn’t seem to matter when they play it live.

Romney Rye’s “Untitled (A Love Song)” was among the new songs played, while Coby Brown’s “Hospital” was delivered with great emotion by Duritz. The crowd danced a bit during “Four Days” and the Crows did throw in hits “Around Here” and “Long December.”

It’s hard to ignore the passion that still seeps out of Duritz and his friends — Dan Vickrey (guitar), Charlie Gillingham (piano, organ), David Bryson (guitar), David Immergluck (assorted instruments), Jim Bogios (drums) and Millard Powers (bass) — most of whom have been around since their earliest and most popular albums, August and Everything After (1993) and Recovering the Satellites (1996).

What continues to shine after all these years with these fellas is their impressive musicianship; they not only exceed at what they do, they truly still seem to love doing it.