Written by Eddie Ferranti
ImageSometimes perseverance does pay off for the better. That was the case for Rose and I with singer-songwriter-fiddle guru Phoebe Hunt.

We had seen her marvelous talents with the Bellville Outfit at the Kerrville Folk Festival in 2012 and were bound and determined to run her down. Our schedules finally got together in Houston at the cool confines of McGonigel’s Mucky Duck as our first gig of 2014…and a fine one it was.

She’s hanging her hat these days in Brooklyn, New York via Nashville and she brought along a fine mandolin player in Dominick Leslie. Hunt busted out of the gate with a self proclaimed New Year’s resolution tune “I Wish I Knew How To Be Free” about being brave and keeping to your ideals of freedom. Hunt’s delivery is not your usual standard fiddle bluegrass fair at all, rather she has a blues fused quirky delivery that showcases her ample voice nicely leaving room for Leslie’s jammin’ mandolin.

Her ability to shift gears on “Our Happy Home” and slow it down and back you up to a 40’s sound, ala Patsy Cline, was impressive. These songs saw Hunt put her heart and soul into her honest lyrics very sincerely. Hunt strapped on an acoustic guitar and amped up the pace on “Still Water” , “Take Me Home” and “Where Did You Come From,” which had the packed house diggin’ what was coming from this in sync duo.

Phoebe is a self proclaimed country girl with a big city drive and she comes at you with a fiery spunk pickin’ on her violin making it spark! The girl loves Emmylou Harris and resembles and sounds like Linda Ronstadt with her boogie-leg-kick-prance-jam step while fiddlin’ her butt off. It was major cool to witness up close and personal.

ImageThe powerful stretch run of the gig included “Big Black Wings”, instrumental double back and forth jam on “Honeysuckle Rose,”  sing along tune “Send Out Your Love” and a damn scary pick-n-go violin that smoked called “Woman On Fire”.

The fired up crowd would not let them leave the stage and she saved the best for last with “One Trick Pony” and the sultry sexy “Sugar”! The girl did a double encore with a jazzy cool swing sound that had the killer lyrics that fit perfectly: “Just when you think it can’t get better, then it does. Always so much better than it was!”

I could not describe this show any better than that my friends. The girl is a gypsy in more ways than one and the sky’s the limit which ever way she wants to go because she has “it”…Go see for yourself. Happy New Year!!!