Written by James Killen

shinyribsKevin Russell has allied himself with the Tijuana Train Wreck Horns to produce a traditional Gulf Coast rock and roll revival. The style of this CD is that bluesy/ jazzy slow tempo rock and roll that inspired the dance style of “The Stroll”. The trumpet and saxophone with electric guitar and piano wisks the listener back to a Beaumont dance hall of the late 1950’s.

The title track leads off the disk in that slow rocking mood that carries through “Don’t Leave it a Lie” and “I Gave Up All I had”. “Trouble, Trouble” picks up the beat to a full speed rock and roll pace, slowing down a bit again for the piano/electric guitar piece, “Tub Gut Stomp & Red-Eyed Soul”.

“I Knew it All Along” has a gospel feel to it with the prominent organ part, although it is actually a classic break-up song. Russell’s voice strikes the heart strings in the lost love anthem, “Nothing Takes the Place of You”.

Russell’s creative writing style shows through on the crude almost country styled, “I Don’t Give a Shit”. It’s basically the back and forth prattle of those most unromantic couples that seem to thrive on strife and argument. The CD concludes with a true rocking gospel anthem, “The Cross Is Boss”.

This production is a must for Kevin Russell/Shinyribs fans. It superimposes his quirky rhymes onto a Gulf Coast traditional sound that will draw them back to our roots. This is true enough to that art form to bring Russell’s work to a whole new audience of older rock and roll fans.