Written by Eddie Ferranti

046The timeless phrase: “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” came into play out of nowhere when I got a message from old bud Randy Weeks.  He was playing at McGonigels Mucky Duck and he called it his “last show” before heading to Seattle.  We have known him and his sweet better half, Mary Lyn, for so long that the finality of them being gone made all the great memories rush by in meaningful manner that touched both of us big time.  Then in what I should of expected I bumped in to the guitar player for the night and another cool bud, Jack Saunders, who told me he is just leaving for the summer!  In his mobile home.  That all being said, it was a magical trip down a very cool lane lead by the Pide Piper himself WEEKS!

Joined by our buddy, Mark Riddell, on bass with Rick Richards handling killer drums , the four piece busted out chestnuts like “Transistor Radio”, “Motor City”, and a churning “The Last Time” that got us off the rails ready to wrap around this feel good gig and hang on. We’re talking about the kind of band-and I know you all have many you have followed- where you knew every word to every song.  Weeks was one of those for us.   The chilling fresh coolness on “Black Coffee and Life Savers” was stunning filled with all the realistic lyrics that RW produced to make your mind work. The psychedelic and cosmic chemistry that has developed over the years between vets Saunders and Weeks is an effortless trade-off of stretch it out jams all night long.  JS has always been a behind the scenes stud who can make any band better including his own of course where Mister Weeks swaps roles with him. Got the butterflies when the tunes “Miles Away”, killer “Fu Manchu”, crowd sing along “What Am I Supposed to Do About You”, plus buzz saw version of “Sugar Lee”had the audience still yearning for more .
112Of course the guys would not leave without Randy playing captivating and sexy “Can’t Let Go ” which rocked to the bone, nostalgic as hail “Summer Of Love”, with closer “Down Home”.  Panicking about the loss of a loved one has happened way to often for us where they actually pass on.  Having a false alarm only made us realize how much love there can be between fans, friends, and musicians.  A show like this also proves that Good Guys still can finish first!  Makes what we do at HMR that much more special on evenings like this at a comfortable veteran (29 years and running) establishment like the Mucky Duck.  Lots of love and luck to both ………..Please support live music!
Eddie “Edge” Ferranti

Senior Editor

Houston Music Review