Written by Kevin Black – December 15, 2019

Remember the old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? My advice to the young up and comers in the music business, don’t even think about it when it come to Cher. Cher is the bag of tricks and she pulled them all out for her fans at the Toyota Center. By the way, how many Cher fans actually know Cher’s real name. Do you?

Speaking of fans, did you know that fan is the prefix of fanatic and there were no shortage of either. It was if Cher was a super hero from the big screen and there was a Cher convention in town or a city wide audition for the man or woman that will portrait her in her next big blockbuster. Thing is, she is still perfectly capable of staring in the roll herself.

Descending from the ceiling under an arbor covered in lights wearing what will be the first of many wardrobe changes topped off with a shiny blue wig. Was she letting us know that “Blue Hairs” still got it and this is a “Woman’s World”. When she touched down, she was accented with male and female roman gladiator dancers with bodies to die for. The stage production was something you’d see in Las Vegas. Her second costume came with the second song, “Strong Enough” in which all she had to do was remove the floor length gown to reveal her infamous figure. Not bad for 73 years old.

After storing my camera gear, I returned to the show in time to see Cher emerge like the “Queen of Sheba” on top an electronic elephant. This is great stuff. Costume change, then on to Sonny and Cher! It was remarkable how the two of them reunited to perform “I Got You Babe”. Taking video footage from the past, Cher synced her live vocal part with Sonny’s prerecorded vocals while sporting her hippie dippie bell bottom tights. It was if they were still in love.

I loved her version of ‘Walking In Memphis” by Marc Cohn. We all loved her outfits and we let her know it. But the next costume change would blow the roof off of the Toyota Center. You know which one I’m talking about. Black leather jacket, black see through hose covered with black leather chastity belt during “If I Could Turn Back Time”….From where I was sitting, Cher doesn’t need to turn back time. She’s still got it. Unfortunately I was forced to abandon what must have been a tremendous encore after her closing song “Believe” because no one had left the building, I still had to retrieve my gear and get to my car before the mob ruled the night.