Written by Samuel Barker
Aug 04, 2004 at 08:00 PM
Kenny LogginsThere were days when I was growing up where I would be trapped in a car with my mom being forced to listen to whatever she wanted on the radio. Family rule, you drive, you control the radio. I never took the time to learn who sang which songs, but I knew some of the names. This is what brought me out to see Kenny Loggins.Am I qualified to give an in-depth review of a Kenny Loggins show? Probably not. I’ve never sat down and listened to one of his albums, but once the man began, I realized I knew many of his songs. It seemed on this night that Kenny Loggins WAS adult contemporary radio…well, he and Michael McDonald.

This guy had it pegged. Sugary sweet melodies, smooth vocals and a cheesy schtick. It worked like a dream for the guy. The women crooned and their husbands nodded along. Loggins smiled at, posed to and acknowledged all of the ladies in the front rows screaming their affections. This guy has some pull.

Despite being around the music industry for nearly 30 years, Loggins appeared as youthful and exhuberant as he looks in his videos on VH1 Classic. Sure, there are a few gray hairs coming in, but who can complain?

For me, the show felt uncomfortable at times as Loggins took extended breaks from the set to ramble on about his new album (which, as he said over and over, was on sale in the lobby) and to go on about how great his son is. (He opened the show.) These killed the momentum and added a cheese factor usually reserved for carnival sales booths.

Of course, I also picture the idiotic people in pop music today who parade around in outfits displaying their new album title and release date. Pop music is about selling units, right?

Seriously, as a younger member of society much of this night went over my head and left me unfulfilled. However, the woman next to me on this night would have to disagree. She sang along, ranted and raved over how sexy Loggins was and even told me about a few other times she saw the guy.

So, in conclusion, if you’re under 30, I’d advise skipping this show, but if you’re over 40, this could have been the show of the year for you.

Opening the show was Crosby Loggins. He had his father’s stage presence and salesman qualities (He too had a CD in the lobby!), but he also had the boyish charm of a John Mayer or Jason Mraz. Acoustic pop influenced by his dad and Dave Matthews. He’ll sell some records, I know it.