Written by Abel Carmona
Sep 18, 2009 at 09:00 PM
ImageFirst off let me say this, Lemmy Kilmister is no liar. As I walked in to the Warehouse I saw plenty of Motorhead shirts, but one made no sense to me at first, it stated on it, ” Everything Louder Than Everything” .  Me, just figuring it was a song title I didn’t know of or something to that fact, had no idea what was in store for the night.

I walked in on the last half of the Rev. Horton Heat’s set, which was great I have been trying to catch one of the Revs shows for years, but, due to other shows or just bad timing, I was never able to make it out to see him. I will definitely say the wait was well worth it. Heats show was full of energy , he got the crowd going and into the show as they sung and laughed along to songs.

Their sound is a sweet mix of country, punk and rockabilly played hard and fast. One of the things that really caught my attention was bassist Jimbo Wallace, who plays an upright bass, which has always been to me one of the coolest interments that is played on stage. As he plucked the bass, Jimbo would sway it back and forth, and give it the occasional full spin around catching it and never once missing a beat.

Heat closed out his set with the fast and chaotic “Psycobilly Freakout” and, by the time it was over, it was as if not only Heat and the boys were exhausted but so was the crowd. It was a great set and I will   definitely make plans to see the Rev the next time he comes back our way again, Amen

Now, back to my opening statement about the Motorhead shirt that I didn’t get the meaning of. The meaning of “Everything Louder Than Everything” was quickly figured out by not only me but the entire Warehouse and probably some of the neighboring bars and lofts in the area. Lemmy walked on stage to the sound of a near riot.

Now I know my fair share of Motorhead songs but I think I heard maybe 5 to 6 words Lemmy said the whole night.  As he got set up he said “We’re Motorhead, and we play rock and roll” after that all hell broke out. I took photos of the first three songs and I couldn’t tell what they were.  Now I have been to my fair share of shows for the last 20 or so years but this was by far the loudest show I have ever been to in my life.

And I’m pretty sure this isn’t a case of me “getting older” because even the staff at the warehouse who I saw a few weeks later at another show were still talking about how loud it was. After I did my 3 songs of Photos I pushed my way to the back of the Warehouse to see if maybe I could hear better being further back. The only songs I really recognized was “Overkill” and of course “Ace of Spades”.

Even thought I couldn’t really hear a lot of the show it still kicked ass, It just goes to show that Motorhead still has now what it had then, and no nonsense style of music that grabs you by the throat and kicks your teeth in, and I can attest to that because this was one of the only shows where I left feeling like my head had been beaten in and my ears ripped off.