Written by Eddie Ferranti
Feb 05, 2010 at 08:00 PM
ImageIf you have been to this website before, you know what big fans we are of the Band of Heathens out of Austin, Texas. I personally ranked their latest album, “One Foot in the Ether”, in my Top 10 of 2009. This night was extra special to HMR. The BOH had not only let me and Rosie see the gig and take pics, but we were granted an interview before the show. Very cool indeed.

Taking our little crew back to the “Green Room” Ed Jurdi, Colin Brooks and Gordy Quist chatted for a half hour or so about a variety of recent topics pertaining to the band. Asked about their recent leg of touring they dubbed it “The Old Mother Blizzard 2010 Tour” that has taken them thru the mountains and midwest braving frigid temps. Crowds have been good and the album is selling well at the gigs.

Asked about a killer tune on the new album, “Golden Calf”, Gordy replied that it is about “8 seconds”. Classic dead pan response.  What I gathered early on from this intimate get together was Gordy is the resident comedian, Ed is the straight business man, and Colin is well Colin, which is not a bad thing. He responded big time when my side kick this evening Kenny Pipes referred to the feakin’ $8 service charge that Live Nation had tacked on to the $15 ticket price for this gig. He said how the band had made “$8” BOH bills to hand out to fans to use as discounts at the merch tables. Nice move. He also commented that they may need to reconsider playing venues like the HOB in the future.

When I praised the band as having an “Eagles-ish” type feel to it, Ed said “Can we just have 10% of their money?”  Good one. He also dubbed their latest announcement about playing a summer tour with Fleetwood Mac as “The Back the Truck Up to the Bank Tour” ! They all spoke of what a thrill it was about playing Austin City Limits and how hard it was to pick 6 songs out of a 1.5 hour show. Overall I found the trio most engaging and sincere to Houston Music Review. What followed is what these guys do best-let the music do the talking!

From the opening chords on Colin’s guitar on “Somebody Tell the Truth” they showed how serious they were. Steaming electric is THEE way to see these talented dudes for sure.  Thee only cover tune of their latest CD, “Miss Ohio”, was blistering hot.  After just two songs I was drained!  The easy manner in which they “hand off” lead guitar mashes in mid stream during songs is plain awesome.

The solid back up of Seth Whitney on bass and John Chipman on drums cannot go without mentioning. They labor relentlessly and deserve credit.  Leaning heavily on tunes from their latest, “L.A. County Blues” (tribute to Hunter S. Thompson),  superior harmonies on “Shine a Light”, and “You’re Gonna Miss Me” were excellent.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the Band of Heathens, but they just keep re-inventing being bad ass. The way they have overhauled “Cornbread” from being a cheesy chick song to a shredding moster is case in point to this reviewer.  “Jackson Station” rules always and is a huge crowd favorite. This show left the audience screaming for more and BOH responded with a flaming version of the Bob Dylan classic, “Quinn the Eskimo” for an encore! Epic.

In closing,  I would like to thank the BOH and their management, especially Julie Arkenstone, for being so hospitable to HMR. It is nice to see bands appreciate the folks who try to promote live music and spread the word of killer live music to the masses. I’m already looking forward to the next time these fellows cross my path.  Check them out boys and girls. You’ll be glad you did.  God Bless and Good Night all…