Written by Dave Clements

Kotzen -32I was up late the night before having had the opportunity to photograph U2’s Joshua Tree Tour Show at NRG Stadium. Having another late night was not something I was particularly looking forward to on the heels of a very full day.  However I had committed to doing a review of the Richie Kotzen Show at the Dosey Doe Big Barn.  I try hard to always do what I commit to.

And if I haven’t mentioned it in prior reviews Dosey Doe is one of my favorite places ON EARTH to watch & listen to live music. So HAVING to spend an evening there, where the sound is almost acoustically perfect, the food terrific and the people as friendly as you can find anywhere in the music business… really, how bad could it be?

Besides Dosey Doe’s owner Steve Said really knows his music and the fact that he had reached out to Kotzen’s people to come play the venue was a really good sign to me.

I’d be lying however if it didn’t cross my mind the Steve just might have missed the mark on this guy after I did a little looking around on the internet. Being a photographer it wasn’t such a good sign that this guy’s promo photos (and what they represented to me musically) were a big red flag.   He looked dark and almost sinister, disengaged and mysterious….all PERECPTIONS based only on what I saw.  I. I had no musical data other than he had played guitar with Poison until the early nineties.  And although Poison is okay they are not in my Top 100 bands that I enjoy listening to.

Now let’s fast forward to 8:30 pm SHARP when Richie and his two band mates, all from LA, marched out on the Dosey Doe stage and started their 14 song set. Within 60 seconds, maybe less, all my fears about a ‘train wreck’ evening of music were well in my rearview mirror.

Oh my goodness, right from their opening number, it was pure musical delight, song after song after song! Without exception, period.

I can best describe what my wife and I experienced as walking through a world class fine art gallery, and enjoying one piece of diverse art after another. Each different, each beautifully crafted, extremely creative and both visually and emotionally stimulating to this music lover.

This world class artist came, in this reviewer’s opinion, trying to impress this Woodlands’ crowd and he did all that and way more. Besides this master craftsman’s absolutely wonderful guitar work, he was almost as good on the keyboard, and vocally every sound that passed his lips was so appealing to me, song after song AND IT DIDN’T matter THAT I DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF HIS MUSIC.

Kotzen -39And there was no ‘poison’ in the songs I heard…anything but!   I am not sure I know the words to properly describe all that I got to enjoy.  Richie Kotzen was simply right up my music alley.

There is no doubt I will be very willing to enjoy this man’s music again and again if he is anywhere we might be domestically or abroad. When you like the blues, jazz, rock and roll, great guitar playing, Al Green, Prince, Boz Scaggs, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or about 20 other of my favorite singers/guitar players RICHIE KOTZEN is a must see. And please don’t get deceived by the image portrayed in his photos like I did…they really just don’t tell an accurate story of this fabulous entertainer.

Go see RK if you can or at least buy his music…you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Lastly if you want to see my images from his show or a few from the U2 show the night before go to the HMR photo gallery.

Until next time remember there is no time to kill…go soon to listen to some live music!