Written by Dave Clements

deep purple-259We went to The Woodlands Pavilion Friday night so I could hear six, maybe seven notes being played LIVE….and YES I got to hear them before the night was over. This is one more thing I get to check off my bucket list (more to follow).  I also got so much more out of this evening of live music, compliments of Edgar Winter, Alice Cooper and Deep Purple.

The hot and muggy evening actually started early, can you believe it, when Edgar Winter and his band mates hit the stage at 6:40pm this Friday night.  It was so refreshing to see that happen, versus a show starting 30-45 minutes late!  Edgar Winter survived the summer sun, maybe because he was born and raised in Beaumont, and nailed all five songs on his set list that included Free Ride, Keep Playing R&R, R&R Hoochie Koo, and of course wrapping up with Frankenstein.  The middle song of the set Tobacco Road was a song he dedicated to his late brother Johnny Winter.  He passed away in 2014 and Edgar shared the he still misses him every day.  This version was, by the way, a very long Tobacco Road.  How long was it?  Long enough for me to take several hundred photos during the first portion of the song, walk to the security entrance to drop off my camera gear, pit stop, walk to my seat, and still listen to about 4 and a half minutes more.  Nice to offer a tribute to his brother but maybe a bit too much as evidenced by a somewhat restless crowd.

Before moving on, some impressive trivia: Edgar Winter was the first artist to put a strap on a keyboard so he, and others to follow, would not be ‘strapped down’ to a stool!  Way to go Edgar!

deep purple-370Next up was Alice Cooper, who I think should have followed Deep Purple vs being in the second slot. Not that Alice Cooper’s talent and career mark him as bigger or better than Deep Purple.  It’s simply that Alice Cooper provided such a sensory overload experience that anything that followe,d other than a total eclipse of the sun, would be an emotional letdown.  This performer is just relentless with his antics on stage.  It is very well done, if you like the theatrics of that sort of thing.  It wasn’t particular my cup of tea but I get it.  Frankly it was equal parts stimulating, amusing and certainly fun to photograph.  Plus Alice and I share a passion for golf so how bad can he be?  Maybe I recognized one or two of the songs he and his bandmates played.  However, I appeared to be the exception as many in the audience sang along to his songs..

I don’t think I’d choose to go see him live again. However, if you are a fan and haven’t experienced it I’d highly recommend it.  He gave his fans what they wanted…and more!

Deep Purple is way more my kind of music, and their song Smoke On The Water was what drove me to attend this evening. I had the song’s intro stuck in my head and it had been bellowing around in there for weeks leading up to the show.  Hearing it live was on my short list of songs I needed to hear live before I leave this world.  It did not disappoint!  Thank you Deep Purple.  An added plus?  I can now add another COLOR band to my list of bands seen live.  How many COLOR bands have you seen? Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Cream…others?

deep purple-431I didn’t know much about Deep Purple or their music going into Friday night but I walked out at the end of the show feeling like I was much closer to being a true fan than I thought I was. I think I had read that they were one of the loudest rock bands in the history of R&R yet I didn’t find that to be much of a factor, though I did have in hearing protection during the show.  Also I didn’t know as many songs in their set list as I had hoped and was surprised that one of their iconic hits Woman From Tokyo wasn’t there.   Guess with a catalog of hits as extensive as theirs some fans were bound to be disappointed.

All and all another impressive night of talented peoples taking The Woodlands stage for your listening pleasure. And once again everyone who stepped on stage that night gave us all they had and that was a lot.


Until next time please remember to support live music NOW as there is NO TIME TO KILL.