Written by Eddie Ferranti

436Growing up in Ohio in the 70’s I witnessed a lot of great authentic rock music.  One of my faves was Led Zepplin.  My bud Ray and I had a chance to slide into the sold out House of Blues in Houston and step back in time witnessing a Michigan band, Greta Van Fleet, breathe life into those exact legends!  Make no mistake about it this is not a cover band at all. I had just caught wind of the comparisons shortly before the gig and was stunned how these four lads brought it like it was Zep themselves. Hell even the man himself, Robert Plant, has praised them for their efforts restoring the memory of the Hall of Fame band.
GVF consists of three Kiszka brothers and a childhood friend who were schooled by their parents on a steady diet of classic 1970’s rock albums. Twin brothers Josh (vocals) and Jake (lead guitar) garner awesome stage personas of Plant & Page themselves, while younger brother Sam (bass) and Danny Wagner (drums) support very well laying a rock band foundation. I was stunned at the across the board high testosterone level of the man heavy crowd in attendance who were mouthing every word and fist pumping non-stop! “Black Smoke Rising” is the title of the EP that shot these cats into the public’s eye and this is their first headlining tour behind double EP “From the Fires”.  Described by bassist Sam about the “downright bluesy, emotional shit” that GVF brings to the table, they ripped thru “Talk on the Street”, “Highway Tune”, “Edge of Darkness”, “When the Cold Wind Blows”, “FlowerPower”, and killer “You’re the One”!
461Labels are always placed on bands in today’s social media madness and as stated earlier they are Led Zepplin reincarnated to some.  To begin with what is wrong with that any way? Their songs are very good rock tunes written from the heart with zero rip offs of any kind to LZ at all.  Josh has the mannerisms of a vet frontman at a tender age and compliments his stone cold bad ass bro Jake who shreds like a mad man all night.  Wagner even peeled of a 70ish two minute plus drum solo!  Talk about going back in time!  With Classic Rock FM stations in every city this night proved how thirsty the public is for more of that kind of music. These guys are hungry, authentic, and are way too talented to be under the radar for much longer. They are booked for big gigs like Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, I-Heart, plus over the pond in Netherlands, UK, and France selling out at many of the shows in advance. If you dig dirty blues rock brought with over the top energy this is the band for you………GO see some live music will ya?!
Eddie “Edge” Ferranti

Senior Editor

Houston Music Review