Written by Kevin Black

Never knew I was this big of a Lionel Richie fan. For those of you who don’t know how it works for an HMR photographer, there’s a reason why I’m going to share this with you. In short, we shoot the first three songs of each performer and then occupy a seat to watch the show to give you this review. The show was so exciting that I never left the soundboard in fear of missing something.

Yes, he is still that good. Between the stories, his quick wit, and his numerous hits, Lionel managed to cover the stage from left to right giving maximum visibility to his fans.

Richie has a great balancing act with the way the set list is laid out. Opening with “Easy” and closing the regular portion of the show with his smashing rendition of “We Are The World””, everything in between had it’s purpose.

At the end of “Dancing On The Ceiling” Lionel slipped out of sight returning with his infamous Commodores outfit on where he took us back to the beginning of his rise to Stardom. Eight Commodores hits in a row with the massive video screen showing old videos scenes and classic disco type patters and colors.

At one point he explained to us why when he introduced Diana Ross to come out to do their duet “Endless Love”, she didn’t appear. He has been introducing Diana for years hoping one day she will actually come out on the stage. It has become a basic tradition for artists to save the best for last knowing they’re fans will demand them to return to the stage and give them a little more.

On May 28, 2019 6,000 Lionel Richie fans were not going to leave until he played “All Night Long”. And they would have stayed all night long had he have decided to do so, literally.