Written by Samuel Barker
Sep 28, 2001 at 08:00 PM
ImageThis was a sad night for the most part, one of Texas’ finest bands were making one last lap around the lone star state to say goodbye and to move on. After bassist Lisa Umbarger quit, Todd Lewis and the rest of the members of the Toadies decided it was time to call it a day.

Lisa leaving was the final nail, but the majority of them came from Interscope not pushing the new record, and the band itself waiting 7 years to release a follow-up. The public is picky, they want a new album every year or they forget about you.

Well, maybe not completely. The people at this show had in no way forgotten about the Toadies. They packed a sold out Aerial Theatre awaiting one last night with the Toadies. It was an uneasy, but powerful vibe running through the audience on this night, but luckily the light-hearted music of the Riddlin’ Kids took some of the edge off.

The Riddlin’ Kids were given the task of opening a show where most people were sad and anxious. They responded with an impressive set of poppy punk tunes and high energy to help everyone get in a better mood. The highlight of their set was when they pulled kids out of the audience to dance on stage and go wild. One kid was more than happy to go wild and flail all about. It was a nice sight to see on such a somber night.

The Toadies came out to a standing ovation which Todd Lewis accepted with a few kind words and immediately went into I Come From The Water. Everyone sang along and danced around. It was great to see an audience so into a set. Everyone was doing their best to keep the mood positive and to give the Toadies a much deserved farewell.

The Toadies played everything they ever recorded over the course of the night, which was a great thing to see. One of the special moments in the set was when the Toadies went into their biggest hit, Possum Kingdom. It really got audience all together and everyone was singing it as loud as they could. It was a special moment you rarely see at a show nowadays. Most everyone wants a condensed set of the hits and then they want the bands to move on, well, the Toadies were making the best of this last run and weren’t leaving until they had nothing else to play.

The Toadies closed their encore and the night with “Tyler.” As with “Possum Kingdom,” everyone sang along and had a magical moment to end the night on. I will personally miss this band. The first show I ever ventured out to completely on my own was a Toadies show. It shows how when you grow up, things disappear.