Written by Eddie Ferranti
Mar 26, 2011 at 08:00 PM
The Greencards brought their latest installment to the Mucky Duck and Rose & I were very interested to see how it would play out.  We’ve been long time fans of the band and this was the first time they played without original member Eamon McLoughlin. There is a huge love affair between the band and The Mucky Duck.  In fact their 2007 album, Viridian, spawned a Grammy nominated single “Mucky the Duck” !


Tonight’s double shows were a complete sell out.  Besides the killer hubbie and wife duo of Kym Warner on mandolin and  Carol Young on bass, they brought newbies Carl Miner on acoustic guitar and Tyler Andal on fiddle. The three dudes started out with a “tune-up” jam to get loose and then Carol hit the stage with a big “How ya doin’ Houston?” and it was ON!   She stated that “the late show is when we get down and sexy so drink up folks!”   Classic.


The band seemed totally full of energy and out to prove something even after a 14 hour drive from Nashville. Throughout the evening they covered tunes from all four of their albums plus some new cuts as well.


Once the band began speaking about their upcoming new album release June 21, which took six months to make,  I really saw the difference between the original line-up and what was on display this night.  Warner has brought one of his deep loves, Tom Petty, into the step- out-in- front mandolin jams that Mike Campbell himself would be proud of.


This band has destroyed the moniker of so called “bluegrass” and replaced it with what I’d call “rockgrass” if you will.  Truth is they truly miss the comedic angle that McLoughlin brought to the gigs and his fiddle playing was outstanding.  That being said, this reviewer will lean all day long to more rock and less talk!


The Australian double team of Warner and funky cool lady Young on harmonies is sweet as ever witnessed by an adoring crowd that was holding hands and enjoyin’ themselves big time.  The new young blood has fueled the jamming to another level which comes across tremendously in a live show.


Highlights which were many were “On the Avenue”, “Maybe That’s Just What You Want”. “Weather and Water” (with a nice shout out to composer Jedd Hughes), “Adella”, and “I Saw Davey Jones” to name a few.


The standing ovation induced encore was stellar.  “Will You Answer If I Call” was followed by an unreal rendition of Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me” with the harmonies soaring to hair raising levels.


The Greencards have been around since 2003 and I wish them the best on this bold endeavor to put out their 5th CD on their own sans a record label.  I think the timing is right as they appear to be steering down a “rock road” which suits them just fine…………God Bless live music.