Written by James Killen
Feb 22, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageIf this show had been anyone but Terri and Lloyd, I’d have stayed home to nurse my respiratory infection. But then, what kind of a stalker would I be, if I let a little fever and cough keep me away? Its part of the anticipation to see which Terri Hendrix comes out to the show.

Sometimes it’s high energy, intense Terri and sometimes it’s laid back and funny Terri. Tonight it was calm and professional Terri that stepped on stage in a pair of red topped “Go Texan” cowgirl boots and a dark batik dress (Terri claimed this was only her 8th performance in a dress since 1990.)

Lloyd is always Lloyd and that’s good. Terri asked how many people were coming to their first Terri Hendrix and Lloyd Maines show. Only one hand shot up from the room full of fans. “I’m going to have to learn some new jokes”, Terri cracked. Terri has gathered a loyal fan base here in Houston over the years.

They started the show off with one of my favorites, “Wallet”, the song about “a need to be wanted and a need to be free”. Lloyd loosened up right away with a nice little solo. They followed that with the wistful “1000 Times”. Lloyd switched to the dobro for “The Spiritual Kind” and “Hand Me Down Blues”. He eased out a subtly powerful solo, behind Terri’s spot on vocals. I don’t know why I’m always surprised at Lloyd’s natural music ability, but I am always pleasantly surprised. Terri picked up the mandolin for “Judgment Day” about the ways people misuse religion to justify their selfish actions.

Terri acknowledged Dana Cooper’s presence in the audience and gave him credit for inspiring her to pursue the harmonica. She then proceeded to blow the heck out of the harp on a cover of Elder Roma Wilson’s “Ain’t It a Shame”. She followed that with the deep bluesy vocals of “My Feets Too Big”. She reached back in the closet for her tribute to Charles Schultz, “Goodbye Charlie Brown”. I believe that’s the first time that I’ve heard that one live. After that, was “The Berlin Wall” and then “If I Had a Daughter”, the song that pulls at every parent’s heartstrings. They ended the first set with the bluegrass sounding “My Own Place”.

By the time intermission came, I knew that it was time to give in to my affliction and go home to bed. I had to be satisfied with the live radio appearance, Saturday on KPFT’s Spare Change Show, for the rest of my Terri Hendrix fix. I know that I must have missed a fine show, as I found out that Dana Cooper joined Terri and Lloyd on stage in the second set. I am glad I made it for the part that I saw and we’ll be there for the next one.