Written by Dave Clements
ImageI had just purchased a ticket to see the Stones in Dallas in early June and was getting ready to see Bryan Adams perform live for the first time.  I suddenly realized I was working on marking off two items on my bucket list.

I’m not trying to suggest that they both had equal priority, but certainly both were ahead of some other items.  I’ll share at some future date.
I just knew coming in that I was going to enjoy this Canadian talent more than the last group I reviewed for HMR.  Nickelback did pretty darn good and far exceeded my expectations.  Still, they couldn’t hold a candle to Bryan Adams.

The premise behind Mr. Adam’s current tour is unique and in this reviewer’s opinion pretty brilliant!  It is the 30th anniversary of his multi-hit album Reckless.  Thus, the Reckless: 30th Anniversary Tour was born.
Even knowing this it was surprising to learn pretty early on in the show (and straight from Bryan’s mouth) that the first 13 songs of the set would be tracks from the entire album.  Interesting idea and approach.  Fans for the album in the audience were thrilled to sing along not only to the hits but also to some of the lesser known, obscure songs.

Bryan Adams is very aware of his audience and very engaging.  This was a happy crowd – yes, including me.  I too was a fan 30 years ago and had heard these tunes many, many times on the radio and on my turntable.  Hearing them performed live – even 30 years later – was a rare treat.
Bryan and his five piece band can knock out some impressive music.  Their talent and the always excellent visual effects offered at The Woodlands Pavilion made for a wonderful show. The video screens are amazing.
I was impressed by the connection Adams and his band mates made with the audience, but I should have known that would be the case.  Adams is also a professional photographer and therefore in the know regarding how to offer up some good photo opportunities to his audience.

ImageDon’t take my word for it.  You can see what I captured in 3 minutes and 42 seconds – the length of the first and only song I was allowed to photograph, Reckless.  It was enough because of his awareness and generosity.  Check it out by going to the HMR Photo Gallery.

Songs, three and four were She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’ and, one of my favorites, Run To You.   It was so exciting to not have to wait until the encore to hear it.  It gave me a nice buzz without the aid of a sip (or two) of wine or other assorted alternatives.

Of course Heaven, Somebody,  I Do For You Summer of ’69, and Cuts Like A Knife, were in the mix too.  All very appreciated by this long time (old?) fan. And  he ripped through one of my wife’s favorites, The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is You.

Bryan just kept on cranking out the hits, song after song, and before we knew it he had played 20 tunes and hadn’t left the stage. When he finally did it was just for a brief break, to lots of enthusiastic applause, then came back and gave the crowd five more songs wrapping it up with Straight From the Heart and All For Love.

And this audience was feeling the love as Bryan Adams and band gave us a night to remember.  It will remain even more memorable for me as the night I was able – after many years – to scratch seeing Bryan Adams live off my bucket list….maybe ?? He was that good.

Until next time please remember there is no time to kill.